Khloe Kardashian Shares a Message for Jordyn Woods After Backlash From 'KUWTK' Episode

Khloe Kardashian is addressing the criticism she's received after Sunday's 'KUWTK,' which showed her friendly relationship with her ex.

Khloe Kardashian is addressing the criticism she's received after Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which showed that she's still very friendly with her ex, Tristan Thompson.

During the episode, Tristan surprised Khloe with a diamond necklace with the help of Khloe's best friends, Malika and Khadijah Haqq, and also gave her a pink diamond ring the night before her 35th birthday. Khloe and Tristan split in February amid cheating rumors surrounding the NBA star -- which was actually his second cheating scandal -- and close family friend Jordyn Woods later admitted to kissing him at a party. For her part, Khloe did express during the episode that she was uncomfortable with the extravagant gifts, and she also later defended Malika and Khadijah after viewers accused the twins of helping Tristan try to win Khloe back.

In an Instagram Story post on Thursday, Khloe further addressed the backlash and explained why she was so forgiving of Tristan given the scandal that occurred when they split.

"I don't hold any negative or hateful feelings towards ANYONE!" she wrote. "I mean that. Life is short! We are all humans trying to figure out this thing called life. Who am I to condemn anyone else? Yes, I'm allowed to feel hurt and pain. It would be unnatural for me to pretend as if I don't. Personally, I don't want to be carrying around a hateful heart."

"I have chosen to not pollute my heart and my energy by holding onto anything negative," she continued. "I am allowed to forgive. Forgiveness is a strength and not a weakness. I am allowed to forgive people but still not accept their behaviors. I'm also allowed to protect my space. I am allowed to choose who I want in my life and who I do not. I'm also allowed to wish people well and sincerely mean it. Doesn’t mean I have to be their best friend."

In a follow-up Instagram Story post, Khloe specifically addressed those who asked why she was so friendly with Tristan though she hasn't been with 22-year-old Jordyn.

" ... I'm seeing a lot of back-and-forth with people asking, 'Why don't I keep that same energy with Jordyn?'" she wrote. "That message is for Jordyn. It's for anyone else who has ever hurt me. For some reason people want to assume that I'm only talking about Tristan. This message applies to ALL parties involved in situations that have ever hurt me ... I have moved on, found forgiveness and only wish you happiness and joy!"

"... We are all human and make mistakes, myself included," she concluded her post. "Hate is heavy and I am tired of carrying all of that weight around."


On Monday, Khloe responded to a fan who tweeted that she wished Tristan "never messed up" because the two were "so cute together." The 35-year-old reality star said that she and 28-year-old Tristan were at least making co-parenting work when it comes to their adorable 1-year-old daughter, True.

"Same babe," she admitted. "Same lol #KUWTK but we are coparenting so well right now. It is a great space to be in. Coparenting is such a hard space. Much respect to all coparenters."

Last month, Khloe spoke to ET about currently being single.

"I'm just super happy and content and I'm focused on work and, like, taking care of me and my body, my soul and True," she said. "I'm just having so much fun with her, and when I want to [date], I will. It's not some deliberate thing that I think that hard about."

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