Joseph Quinn Teases Eddie Munson's Return in 'Stranger Things' Final Season (Exclusive)

'Stranger Things' actor Joseph Quinn spoke with ET at the New York premiere of 'A Quiet Place: Day One.'

Joseph Quinn's character in Stranger Things may have met an untimely end in the fourth season of the hit Netflix horror series -- but in Hawkins, does that really mean fans won't see the beloved Eddie Munson ever again?

Quinn walked the carpet at the New York premiere of his new sci-fi horror thriller, A Quiet Place: Day One, on Wednesday, at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater, and spoke with ET's Rachel Smith about the possibility of making a surprise appearance in Stranger Things' fifth and final season.

According to Quinn, the "chances are high" that he will be spending some time with his former castmates and the show's creators in the future.

"I love those guys! I'd love to say hello," Quinn said, seemingly teasing a possible involvement while coyly keeping his response vague.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in season 4 of Netflix's 'Stranger Things.' - Netflix

"I'm sure they're working very hard to land the plane," Quinn said of the show's final season. "It's been a long time that they've been working on that, so I'm really delighted that they're kind of getting towards the end, and they're having a nice time.

"I'm sure they're gonna deliver it in a pretty epic way," Quinn added. "I have no doubts."

When pressed on whether he has any doubt about Eddie Munson making a return, especially since many fans have a feeling that could happen, Quinn said, "I might have that feeling too."

"Or maybe I don't," he added with a laugh. "I don't know! Who knows?"

While fans still have until next year for the final season of Stranger Things, Quinn's forthcoming fright fest, A Quiet Place: Day One, will see him facing off against an invading alien force alongside Lupita Nyong'o and Djimon Hounsou.

Joseph Quinn attends the premiere of 'A Quiet Place: Day One' at AMC Lincoln Square on June 26, 2024 in New York City. - Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

It is the third film of the franchise, and a prequel to the 2018 original A Quiet Place, helmed by Pig director Michael Sarnoski in his second-ever feature film. 

Quinn stars as Eric, a businessman who teams up with a young woman named Sam (Nyong'o) and her cat, Frodo, amidst a horrific invasion of monstrous aliens that hunt by sound and echolocation.

For Nyong'o, taking on the role was more challenging than she anticipated. As the actress explained to ET earlier this week, "I had to get over my fear of cats to make this movie to begin with."

"I was very afraid of cats before I made this movie. It's actually why I hesitated about whether I would accept this role or not because of my fear of cats," she admitted. "I had to get over my fear of cats before I could start this movie. But they were spectacular."

Lupita Nyong'o and Joseph Quinn are all smiles at the premiere of 'A Quiet Place: Day One' on June 26, 2024. - John Nacion/Getty Images

Quinn reflected on his own experiences with having to overcome fears to take on roles, and explained, "I think every job has a certain set of fears that you have to overcome. I think you're going into an environment you don't really know."

"But I haven't had anything as drastic as Lupita had," he added. "That was a pretty dramatic fear that she had. She did a lot of therapy and now look where she's got up to! She's obsessed with cats now."

Fans can check out Quinn and Nyong'o facing off against an alien invasion in the Big Apple when A Quiet Place: Day One hits theaters on Friday.