Josh Gad Shares One of Chadwick Boseman’s Moving Final Texts to Him

Josh Gad and Chadwick Boseman
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Josh Gad is remembering the life of his friend and co-star, Chadwick Boseman. The 39-year-old actor worked closely with Boseman on the set of the 2017 film, Marshall, about the life and legacy of Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall. Boseman died last week at the age of 43 following a private battle with colon cancer. 

Over the weekend, Gad honored Boseman by sharing with fans one of the final texts he received from his friend. 

"This was one of my final texts from the brilliant & once-in-lifetime talent, @chadwickboseman - take this in & celebrate life. He knew how precious every moment was. Take none of it for granted 🙏" Gad captioned the post. 

The lengthy message from Boseman was titled, "CATCH THE RAIN." 

The post began by discussing the Los Angeles forecast for non-stop rain, in which Boseman lamented being stuck indoors in quarantine due to the weather. 

"But now that the rain has stopped and today's storm has cleared, I urge you to step outside and take a DEEP breath," Boseman wrote. "Notice how fresh the air is right now, after our skies have had a 3 week break from the usual relentless barrage of fumes from bumper to bumper LA commuters, and now today's rain has given the City of Angels a long overdo and much-needed shower." 

Urging his friend to relish the moment, Boseman added, "Thank God for the unique beauties and wonders of this day. We should take advantage of every moment we can enjoy the simplicity of God's creation, whether it be clear skies and sun or clouded over with gloom." 

When Gad first learned the news of Boseman's death, he shared an emotional video of himself crying and mourning the loss. 

"There aren't words to express what an amazing human being Chadwick Boseman was," the Frozen 2 star told his fans. "You come upon people in your life who are next level good. This was a man who was beyond talented and was so unbelievably giving, not only as a performer, but as a human being. Beyond just being Black Panther, Chadwick was T'Challa in real life. He was somebody who just gave and gave and gave. He never stopped giving. 2020 has been so devastating for so many reasons. This one hurts because it's taking away somebody who is honestly one of the greats. I don't know how to process this but I want to send my love to his entire family and to all the fans out there. He's gonna be missed." 

On Sunday, Gad also posted a collage of photos of himself with Boseman and other famous pals like Sterling K. Brown and Chance the Rapper. 

"It’s been two days and my tears haven’t stopped flowing," Gad wrote. "It’s not simply the loss of a friend or an icon. It’s the loss of purity. The loss of hope. The loss of possibilities." 

He added that he has tried to move through the tears to celebrate Boseman's life. 

"This morning, I have tried to replace the tears with smiles and revisit the many (but still too few) moments of joy I got to spend with my friend over the last few years," he wrote. "There will never be another #ChadwickBoseman so let’s make every gift he left us count. #wakandaforever #restinpower."

In the days following his death, Boseman has been honored by his many celebrity friends and co-stars. Watch the clip below for more: 


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