Juanes on the Legacy of 'Love' He Wants to Leave Behind for His Kids (Exclusive)

The Colombian superstar calls becoming a father the 'best thing that happened to me.'

There's nothing more special to Juanes than being a father. 

The Colombian superstar keeps his kids in mind throughout all his accomplishments, and while ET MÁS is celebrating him this Father's Day, he's paying tribute to his children. 

"I think the best thing that happened to me was just to be a father of these kids," he told ET's Denny Directo last month. Juanes shares 15-year-old Luna, 14-year-old Paloma and 9-year-old Dante with Karen Martinez. "I mean, they have been teaching me so much about love, about life. They never see me like the artist, and I really like that because I never wanted to do that."

"We are just family at home, and they know that I perform, that I rehearse, that I'm doing this and that, but they always see me like their father. And I really like that, because it makes me feel so grounded," Juanes shared. 

His kids entering their teenage years has been a learning experience for the GRAMMY winner. They're introducing him to new artists, like Alessia Cara, whom he recently collaborated with on his new single, "Querer Mejor." "Sometimes I ask them, 'Who is singing that song?'" he confessed. Juanes' kids are also teaching him a thing or two about their preferred cell phone etiquette. 

"Luna, she's 15 years old -- you can imagine what is happening now," he joked to ET. "I was telling my friends this morning that sometimes I call her by FaceTime and she's like, 'Don't call me by FaceTime, I'm with my friends! Text me!'"

Parenting teenagers is easier with the help of their mother. "We still feel in love with each other," Juanes gushed of Martinez. "Of course, with any relationship, we have difficulties and problems and stuff, but at the end, we love each other. We stay together." 

"I think there is no formula [to a successful relationship]," he added. "I think it's just como buena suerte, to have good luck to find the right person, and also to respect the other person and try to have space for each other. This is my space, this is what I do, you do that, and we find space to share something."

That emphasis on respect and love is something Juanes is hoping to pass down to his children. "The most important thing is to teach them how to love themselves, to feel love for themselves, to be proud of who they are and just to understand that everybody is different," he expressed. "So, in that context to respect people, but the way to do that is you have to love yourself first. That's what we try to teach them so much." 

See more on Juanes in the video below. 

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