Julianne Hough Releases 'Transform' Music Video After Delaying Due to 'Most Tragic Loss of My Life'

The performer says this past year has been 'the most challenging period of my life.'

Julianne Hough has decided to release a project close to her heart a year later than originally planned. The 32-year-old performer first released her song, "Transform," in September 2019, but revealed that the music video she shot at the time was never shared due to the fact that she suffered "the most tragic loss of my life." 

On Sunday, Hough shared the dance-heavy video on Instagram, writing, "Time passed, and I felt I had missed my window to release this video."

The triple-threat star added that the past year has been "the most challenging period of my life," noting, "This year has not been easy for anyone and this song rings even more true today than a year ago when I wrote it." 

Hough also posted several videos to her Instagram Story, explaining her decision to share the video a year after the song's release.

"Today is a really special day. It is a day that I'm releasing something very special that I wanted to release a year ago and felt like I had missed my window or my opportunity because of some personal things that had happened in my life and you know what, when is the right opportunity?" she said. "There's never a right time or anything, you've just gotta do what you've gotta do." 

The video, which was directed by Julianne's brother, Derek Hough, features the dancer in a tan bra and underwear performing enthusiastic choreography while also getting emotional. She shared that she wrote the song "during a highly transformative time in my life."

As for the loss Hough alluded to, which initially delayed the project, the Dancing With the Stars alum shared last year that her two dogs, Lexi and Harley, died suddenly on Sept. 28, 2019. 

"I miss you. I love you forever. Now You Are Free," she wrote at the time. 

In addition to the loss of her beloved dogs, Hough has also had a complicated relationship with her husband, Brooks Laich, in recent months. The pair split in May, but recently have been working on their romance. 

A source tells ET that while the pair have separated, they're not ready to call it quits just yet. 

"Julianne and Brooks both want to try to make things work," a source tells ET. "Friends closest to them see this time as very positive."

Amid rumors and speculation that they've been trying to rekindle their romance, the source says the couple is "hoping for a full reconciliation."



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