Julianne Hough Takes the Stage During 'America's Got Talent' Finale to Perform First New Music in a Decade

The talented singer showed off her vocal skills during the epic 'AGT' finale on Wednesday.

America's Got Talent brought some incredible special guests and amazing surprises for their season 14 finale on Wednesday, including an incredible performance from judge Julianne Hough!

Hough hit the stage to debut her song "Transform" -- her first new music in nearly 10 years -- with a high-energy performance alongside the celebrated acrobatic dance crew V. Unbeatable.

After starting the number alone on stage, she was soon accompanied by the epic acrobats, and Hough showed off her dance skills by joining them in a new routine. 

The surprising act even saw Hough thrown through the air as part of the group's high-flying, mind-blowing choreography, all without missing a beat.

Hough spoke with ET's Denny Directo after Wednesday's finale, and opened up about taking the stage to perform her new original single and how she really embraced the experience and let it envelop her.

"It was about getting lost in [the moment] and it was so much fun," Hough said. She also revealed that, for her impressively choreographed performance with V. Unbeatable, they managed to pull off something incredible with very little practice.

"We did not have a lot of rehearsal. We did it like one time," Hough said, explaining that she wanted to make sure the group had enough time to perfect their performance for the finals to give them the best chance at impressing viewers.

As for the song itself, Hough explained that "Transform" is all about "going inward, connecting with yourself and just accepting all of the parts of who we are."

"This is just the beginning and there's a lot more to come," She added, revealing that she's currently in the studio working on a forthcoming album. "There's been a lot of writing over the last year and a half."

Hough previously spoke with ET after Tuesday's finals, and opened up about the big performance she had planned for the finale.

"It's important for me, I do it for myself," Hough shared. "I think in the past it was always about being the best, and even though this is a competition show, I think this an amazing opportunity to do it on this show because this is where talent is discovered and people get to do exactly what they do best."

"This is the first time that I feel like this is me coming out as an artist rather than a performer," Hough added.

The AGT finale also included special appearances from Macklemore, Kygo, Ozuna, Cher, Billy Ray Cyrus, AGT alumni Brian King Joseph, world-famous concert pianist Lang Lang and Leona Lewis, who all teamed up with the season's finalists for some of the most impressive performances of the season.

For more on the America's Got Talent finals, check out the video below.