Justin and Hailey Bieber Attend Church After Model's Dad Stephen Baldwin Asks for Prayers for the Couple

The couple has been married since 2018.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber made a solemn appearance this week as they attended church in Beverly Hills. The couple emerged from Churchome Church on Wednesday evening, sporting subdued expressions despite their attempt to maintain a low profile.

The singer appeared particularly downtrodden, donning a dark oversized sweatshirt and scarf obscuring his face. His model wife contrasted in a cheery yellow and gray sweater but exuded a similarly somber demeanor.

The pair swiftly departed in their Tesla Cybertruck, declining to engage with paparazzi probing about their marriage amid recent concerns raised by Hailey's father, Stephen Baldwin.

Juliano / X17online.com

Stephen caused a stir among fans after reposting a plea for prayers for Justin and Hailey. The reposted message, overlaid on a video of Justin singing, urged Christians to offer prayers for the couple's wisdom, protection, and spiritual closeness to the Lord.

While it remains unclear why Stephen felt compelled to solicit prayers for his daughter and son-in-law, the act stirred concern among fans, highlighting the significance of faith in the Bieber family's lives.


Justin and Hailey’s relationship has been marked by both public adoration and candid admissions of struggles, including challenges within their marriage and Justin's health issues that have led him to step away from the spotlight and performing.

Despite their frequent appearances on the social scene, the couple remains reticent about their personal lives, with Justin notably withdrawing from public attention in recent times. 


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