Justin Bieber Is Suing Women Who Accused Him of Sexual Assault for $20 Million

The singer filed suit against the women, known as Danielle and Kadi, for $10 million each.

Justin Bieber is suing the two women who recently accused him of sexual assault for $10 million each. In court documents obtained by ET, the 26-year-old singer states that the claims made by social media users known as Danielle and Kadi are "factually impossible" and disputes the claims with documentary evidence and multiple witnesses.
The court papers state, "Bieber will not stand idly by while Defendants attempt to get attention and fame for themselves, by recklessly spreading malicious lies that he engaged in egregious criminal conduct by assaulting Defendants, and Bieber is therefore bringing this defamation/libel action to clear his name and set the record straight."

On Saturday, two women came forward with allegations of sexual assault against the "Sorry" singer. Danielle claimed Bieber sexually assaulted her in a Four Seasons Hotel room in Austin, Texas, on March 9, 2014, after a music event, and Kadi alleged Bieber sexually assaulted her at the Langham Hotel in New York City on May 5, 2015. On Sunday, Bieber denied the allegations against him in a series of tweets in which he argued his innocence. He went on to debunk the 2014 allegation.

"In the past 24 hours a new Twitter appeared that told a story of myself involved with sexual abuse on March 9, 2014 in Austin Texas at the Four seasons hotel," Bieber tweeted. "I want to be clear. There is no truth to this story. In fact as I will soon show I was never present at that location."

Bieber uses that same evidence in his lawsuit, stating he did hold a surprise performance at SXSW on the night in question with then-girlfriend Selena Gomez. He adds that he never checked into the Four Seasons and was never there, as he and Gomez stayed at another residence.

As for the 2015 incident, the docs detail multiple instances where Bieber claims @itsnotKadi undermines her allegations on Twitter, including when she stated that she never met Bieber in 2015 (one month after the alleged assault) and other tweets about her desire to seek attention and fame.

Bieber claims that Kadi made up the allegations because she knew he attended the Met Gala. He also states that he believes the two social media accounts are being run by the same person.

Meanwhile, following Bieber's public response, a source close to the situation told ET they believe both accusations are untrue.

According to the source, with regard to the alleged 2014 incident, Bieber performed at SXSW on the night in question with Gomez in attendance. The source claims that they were staying in an Airbnb with their entourage and that Bieber never checked into the Four Seasons and was never there, as he was with Gomez.

In regard to the alleged 2015 incident, the source claims Bieber attended the Met Gala and immediately flew back to Los Angeles with Hailey Baldwin, and he did not stay in NYC.

ET has reached out to Bieber's reps for comment.