Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Secretly Welcome Baby No. 2

Lance Bass confirmed to ET that the couple welcomed a second baby earlier this year.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are a family of four. After months of speculation, Timberlake's former fellow *NSYNC group member, Lance Bass, confirmed to ET that the couple welcomed a second baby earlier this year.

"The baby is cute of course, it's Justin and Jessica!" Bass told ET's Katie Krause on Friday while chatting about his podcast, The Daily Popcast. While Bass wouldn't go into detail about Timberlake and Biel's second child, he did share that the *NSYNC members knew before everyone else and their group chat is now all about babies and the newborn.

Bass also said that he's seen pictures, but wouldn't give up the name, joking, "That's a good question," adding, "Justin would kill me!"

Timberlake, 39, and Biel, 38, are already parents to 5-year-old son Silas. Reps for the couple have not commented at this time.

Bass also opened up about how he’s staying productive in quarantine by producing new episodes every day for his podcast. He's already dropped about 250 episodes.

"With podcasts it's been amazing," Bass shared. "And thank goodness I started this show right before lockdown because if I didn't have this everyday I would've been going crazy at home. All my projects are on hold right now, so this has really just kept me going. It's been nice to talk to the fans out there. It's been a godsend for sure."

"We were the first daily entertainment news podcast," he noted, adding that the lockdown and with "no entertainment happening," made it easier to get celebrities on his podcast since "everyone is at home."

"All these celebrities are easily gettable on Zoom, so it went from a show of 'I didn't really have that many interviews. It was just me and my peanuts, and it's just a funny show,' to now every single show we have a hard-hitting interview," he continued. "So it has changed and there's tons of content out there now, just because everyone's at home and very available."

As far as who his "dream guests" include, Bass -- who has many other projects and podcast verticals on the way -- said Carol Burnett, Garth Brooks and Kristin Chenoweth are among his top names.

Meanwhile, Timberlake and Biel have stayed out of the public eye for the past months, and have yet to share the news on their social media.

They have, however, been posting photos of one another on Instagram, celebrating Mother's Day in May and Biel's birthday in March.

"Celebrating my birthday in style... and by that I mean, in pajamas. I made Justin PROMISE not to sing Happy Birthday to me, so he improvised," Biel captioned the cute pics. "Sorry you can’t hear it, but I’m still laughing ?. Thank you, you wonderful human, for really listening to me, and for throwing my kinda party. And thank YOU ALL for the birthday wishes. Feeling the love."

In May, Biel shared a family selfie, captioning the shot, "These two people make being a momma the greatest job in the whole world! The moments spent with you both are truly the most precious and funniest and glorious times of my life. I love you both so much! ?."

In November, Timberlake made headlines when he was photographed holding hands with his Palmer co-star, Alisha Wainwright, while at a bar in New Orleans, though a source told ET at the time that the two were like brother and sister and their interaction that night was "harmless." Still, he later publicly apologized to Biel on Instagram.

"A few weeks ago I displayed a strong lapse in judgment -- but let me be clear -- nothing happened between me and my costar. I drank way too much that night and I regret my behavior," he wrote in part.

In January, a source told ET that both had moved on from the scandal.

"After Justin was spotted holding hands with his co-star, the couple took time to reconnect, spending much-needed quality time together," the source said. "Justin and Jessica love one another very much and weren't going to let this come between them, more so since Justin told Jessica he didn't cheat, and she believes him."

"The couple has put everything past them and has moved on," the source added.

For more on the couple, and what they've told ET about their relationship, watch below.



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