Justin Timberlake Teaming Up With Dax Shepard for New Game Show 'Spin the Wheel'

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Could the next addictive game show be on the way?

Justin Timberlake and Dax Shepard are partnering on a brand new primetime program, Spin the Wheel, which is headed to Fox in the coming months, ET has learned.

Shepard will take on hosting duties while Timberlake will serve as executive producer on the show, which claims to offer contestants as much as $20 million per episode. The pairing is noteworthy considering it was Shepard who Punk'd Timberlake on the very first episode of the prank show in 2003.

“I can’t think of a better job than giving out millions of dollars to nice people,” Shepard states in the press release. “It’s my chance to be Willy Wonka.”

So, how do players win? They will test their knowledge of pop culture trivia with a series of questions. Each correct answer will add bundles of cash to the wedges on a 40-foot wheel, the locations of which will be decided by the contestant. However, incorrect answers will add negative wedges to the wheel, potentially wiping away all their gains in a single turn.

Once they’ve amassed some serious winnings, players must decide whether they will take the money or spin the wheel to win big.

“This show is massive on so many levels and has the ability to change people’s lives,” Rob Wade, Fox’s President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials, says. “We have a charismatic and hilarious host in Dax, an uber-producer in Andrew [Glassman], an insanely global superstar in Justin and one of the biggest prizes in primetime history. We can’t wait to SPIN THE WHEEL.”

Get more details on Timberlake in the clip below.


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