Justin Timberlake Tries to Settle an Age-Old Girl Scout Cookie Debate: Thin Mints or Samoas?

Justin Timberlake
Jamie McCarthy/FilmMagic

The 39-year-old singer has strong opinions on the subject.

Justin Timberlake is sharing his opinion on a controversial topic. The 39-year-old singer took to Instagram on Thursday to share videos of himself chowing down on Girl Scout cookies.

In the first clip, Timberlake holds up a Samoa cookie and declares, "This one is for the Girl Scouts of America. We support you." After tasting the treat he exclaims, "Oh, do we support you!"

The second clip is when the controversy comes in, with Timberlake suggesting that "maybe we should start a survey."

"I know that everybody automatically thinks about Thin Mints when they think of Girl Scout cookies," Timberlake reasons, before someone off camera chimes in, "I truly think Thin Mints are overrated."

"You're overrated!" another off-camera person yells.

"See what I'm saying?" Timberlake quips. "This is a very contentious subject."

While Timberlake stayed firmly in the Team Samoas camp due to his love for coconut, he left it up to his Instagram followers to reach the final verdict.

"Samoas vs Thin Mints... FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Double tap for DOUBLE SAMOAS. Comment for Thin Mints," he instructed in the caption.

As of Friday morning, the post has more than half a million likes and nearly 14,000 comments, indicating that Samoas may be the reigning favorite.

Unlike Timberlake, Jason Momoa's favorite type of Girl Scout cookies are Trefoils. When ET spoke to the actor last year, he reacted to one Girl Scout using his name and photos to retrofit her Samoas cookies to be "Momoas," in honor of the Aquaman star.

"I love Girl Scout cookies, I was waiting to get some free ones. I’d love some," he said. "I want the shortbread -- and then you put those in the freezer and that’s the best way."

"I just want my shortbread cookies!" the movie star added, while his wife, Lisa Bonet, joked, "I think he just wants his cut."

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