Kacey Musgraves Gives Impassioned Speech About Gun Control at Concert: 'Somebody F**king Do Something!'

Kacey Musgraves
Gary Miller/Getty Images

Eva Longoria also spoke out about gun control following two mass shootings over the weekend.

Kacey Musgraves is speaking out about gun control.

During her set a Lollapalooza on Sunday, the 30-year-old singer gave an impassioned plea for Washington lawmakers to do something about gun violence in America. Her emotional speech came after two mass shootings took place over the weekend -- one in Dayton, Ohio, the other in El Paso, Texas -- and killed a total of 29 people.

"The s**t that's happening in the last 24 hours -- much less everything that's happened in the last 200 and f**king 15 days in America. So, I don't know what the answer is, but obviously something has to be f**king done," she said to a cheering crowd in a video posted to Twitter. "Maybe somebody will hear us if we all yell together and say, 'Somebody f**king do something!'"

The crowd followed Musgraves' instructions and chanted the phrase before she began singing her 2018 track "Rainbow." Musgraves retweeted the video, praising the crowd and once again asking for change.

"Thank you to everyone still brave enough to come out to festivals like this to see us play," she wrote. "We all need music & each other more than ever right now but how many of us will have to die before SOMEBODY F**KING DOES SOMETHING. Heart broken for El Paso & Dayton."

Alongside another tweet with the video, Musgraves directly addressed President Donald Trump. "Don’t you hear us, @realDonaldTrump? Don’t you hear our pain?" she wrote. "You have the power to become a hero. Why don’t you take it?"

Musgraves tweeted at the president a second time, writing, "For a man who clearly loves being well-liked, it’s indescribably mind-numbing to see him blatantly and murderously ignore doing ONE THING that would not only make people happy but would SAVE PEOPLE’S LIVES. True leaders don’t stand back and watch the world burn. @realDonaldTrump"

When one Twitter user wrote that Musgraves should "stick to singing" and said that "most of your fans are packing at your shows," she responded by clarifying her stance on guns.

"Let me be clear - I’m from Texas. I grew up around hunting and guns. There’s a time and place for that and even self protection in ways..but this is different," she wrote. "The system is majorly flawed and NOBODY NEEDS ANYTHING REMOTELY AUTOMATIC. PERIOD. They’re mass killing machines."

Additionally, on her Instagram Story, Musgraves shared a graphic, pleading once again that "somebody do something."


Eva Longoria also spoke out about gun control, sharing her thoughts during her Monday appearance on Today.  

"I can't talk about. Now, as a mom, everything makes me cry because I think about [how] that could've been my child, that could've been my mother," she said. "... It's always heartbreaking and horrifying, but it's inevitable. People think it's inevitable and it's not. We can change it. And I just hope that there's some real changes that are going to be made." 

"People aren't really... getting outraged because it's not in their state, or it's not their child, or it's not their mom. But you have to think [that] this was somebody's mom, it is somebody's family member, it is somebody's friend," she continued. "So I just think, you know, it is a mental health problem. I get that. But it’s also a gun problem. Being from Texas too, I understand the Second Amendment. I grew up with, you know, that environment. And it’s not about taking guns away, it’s about making sure responsible people have them."