Kaley Cuoco Shares Story of Woman Who Mom Shamed Her on a Plane: 'I Could Have Strangled Her'

The 'Flight Attendant' star says she has 'no shame' when it comes to parenting her 9-month-old daughter, Matilda.

Kaley Cuoco's daughter, Matilda, might only be nine months old, but that didn't stop the Flight Attendant star from receiving some judgement on a recent flight. 

The 38-year-old actress was a guest on Tuesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and shared a story of the horrors of traveling with her partner, Tom Pelphrey, and their young daughter. 

"I feel like everyone judges what you do with your kid," Cuoco said of the mom shaming she's received. 

Noting that Matilda needs a sound machine to fall asleep, Cuoco brought one on board a flight over the holidays. 

"We were having one of those flights where you hear what other people have and you're like, 'Ooo, that sucks for them,' and it actually happened to us… It was hard," the Big Bang Theory star said of the trip. "She finally falls asleep, and she's on Tom, and the sound machine is on… The steward comes over and he was like, 'Hey, one of the passengers would love if you would turn the sound machine off.'"

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cuoco said the request caused a serious shift in Pelphrey. 

"I mean, the ice went into his veins," she quipped. "I couldn't believe, by the way, she asked us to turn it off."

The passenger in question was seated in front of the couple, and Cuoco said she even made a comment to her as they were de-boarding the plane.  

"The lady turns around, and she goes, 'Oh, so your daughter does know how to smile!' It was in that moment where I understood why women end up on Dateline," Cuoco said. "I could have strangled [her]… This moment, I could have thrown that woman off the plane."

Cuoco admitted to being shameless when it comes to her parenting style. 

"I didn't read a single book. I don't think I've sanitized. I don't even know if I know how to sanitize something," she joked. 

Noting that one mom told her that her kids don't watch screens, Cuoco noted, "Matilda just watched the first season of Succession last week. I was like, 'OK, so are we not supposed to do that? I don't understand.'"

"She loves her iPad too. She's watching everything, let me tell ya. I have no shame, as long as she's not crying," the TV star noted. 

Calling her partner the "opposite," she said of Pelphrey, "Tom is the safe parent."