Kanye West Smiled Throughout His Whole 'Celebrity Family Feud' Appearance -- Watch!

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While Kanye West is somewhat infamous for his serious demeanor and seemingly solemn disposition, the outspoken and divisive rap icon looked like he was having the best time ever while playing Celebrity Family Feud.

The Ye artist appeared alongside his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and his three of his cousins as they faced off against Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kris' mom, Mary Jo Campbell, her cousin CiCi Bussey and, for some inexplicable reason, Jonathan Cheban.

Kanye, who it turns out is a huge Family Feud fan, was all smiles throughout the entire show, and was even jokingly coaching his team while reminding them to give out the show's iconic supportive affirmation of "good answer" (even when most of his team's answers were extremely not good).

From the first moments of the show, it was clear Kanye was in it to win it (even though, spoiler alert, his team did not even come close to winning it). Kanye stepped up to the podium and went head-to-head against his mother-in-law as host Steve Harvey asked the first question -- which happened to be about why people thought Steve Harvey is a good kisser.

Without missing a beat as to how weird the category was, Kanye rang in first with a top-scoring guess of "lips," which was the no. 1 answer on the board, and the wildly enthusiastic Kanye excited declared that his team would go first.

Despite his constant enthusiasm, Kanye and Kim didn't manage to get a whole lot of traction, while Kris led her team to numerous victories, and the Kardashian family ended up trouncing the West family.

While Khloe and Kendall were selected by their team to take on the show's iconic fast money round -- in which they would each be asked the same questions one after the other, and would win $25,000 for the charity of their choice if they managed to score over 200 points.

However, the sisters announced before the round began that, since both teams were playing for Children's Hospital Los Angeles -- and because Kanye loves Family Feud so much -- they decided to let him and Kim play the final round.

Even though they didn't manage to do extraordinarily well during the main game, it turns out that the couple really shines when it comes to the fast money round, because they dominated.

Kim was up first and was asked the five survey questions while Kanye was sequestered backstage. The reality star managed to rack up 147 points by herself! When Kanye came out, his answers were just as flawless and the power couple managed to blow past the necessary 200 points by Kanye's second answer.

While the drama and feuding were all in good fun, and the show had some wonderfully bizarre moments, watching Kanye smiling ear-to-ear for a full hour of live TV was something special, and showed a joyous side to the star that fans have almost never gotten to see before.


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