Kris Jenner Jokingly Recalls How Kanye West 'Hijacked' Their 'Celebrity Family Feud' Episode (Exclusive)

"He had his own team!"

The Kardashian-Jenner clan play to win!

Kris Jenner spoke exclusively to ET's Keltie Knight at the February taping of their Celebrity Family Feud episode, which has Kris and her daughters, Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, along with other family members and friends, going up against Kim Kardashian WestKanye West and his cousins.

The 62-year-old momager was especially entertained by the apparent beef between sisters Khloe and Kim. "She's not even going to say hello," Kris quipped of Khloe, who was pregnant at the time of the taping and refused to shake her older sibling's hand while on the show. "Like, I love Khloe's commitment."

As for Kanye, he wasn't even originally slated to appear on the episode, which was originally to be a feud between the Kardashian and Hilton families.

"Up until the last minute, we had our very own family feud," Kris exclaimed. "We were coming -- with me and my girls -- and all of the sudden Kanye hijacked Family Feud. He had his own team!"

Kim, 37, also confirmed this to ET, noting, "Kanye wasn't going to do it. It wasn't the plan. When he heard I was doing it, he was like, 'No no no, I've got to come too.'"

She added of the 40-year-old rapper, "He was in his element. We have [Family Feud] on in our household at all times."

In an earlier appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Celebrity Family Feud host Steve Harvey further explained how Kanye ended up with his own team

"They were supposed to play against the Paris Hilton family, the Hiltons against the Kardashians. The Hiltons cancelled so Kanye, who’s a big fan of Family Feud said, 'I want to play,'" he shared. "So, he brought his family -- people you don’t know, these cousins. They were just the best because they were just, like, hood."

The father of three's late addition is one that Steve definitely supports. “Kanye was the best Family Feud celebrity panelist we’ve ever had on the show. He loves the show," he mused. "His people said, 'Steve, this is the most Kanye has ever smiled since we’ve been working for him.' Kanye smiled! When I introduced him, he smiled. Tune in and you’ll see Kanye smiling."

However, Kim didn't fair as well as her husband on the show, according to the game show host. "Kim didn’t know nothing," he joked.

Catch the Kardashian-Jenner clan take on the Wests when the season premiere of Celebrity Family Feud airs June 10 on ABC.

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