Katharine McPhee Foster on Her Favorite Part of Marriage to David Foster & Why She Took His Name (Exclusive)

The singer and actress opened up to ET at this year's Vocal Star seminar event.

Katharine McPhee Foster says she's enjoying the sound of her new name.

The actress, singer and American Idol alum was on hand at this year's Vocal Star seminar for aspiring music professionals to lend her wealth of wisdom and experience, and she stopped to talk with ET's Cassie DiLaura to reflect on her new marriage to famed music producer David Foster.

The former Smash star was introduced to the attendees by her married name during the event, and she opened up about whether or not she's gotten used to being referred to by the extended last name.

"We've been away since we've been married, so not [yet], but I love it," she shared. "I just love the ring of it, so I'm enjoying it."

When asked why she decided to take her new hubby's name, she admitted, "I'm a romantic."

"I've always liked the idea that it's still a traditional thing that exists in our society," McPhee reflected. "I like the idea. I think it's romantic and it's a great last name."

The pair tied the knot in a ceremony in London in June and jetted off to an idyllic honeymoon in Italy immediately after, and the singer said she's really been having a great time since they tied the knot.

"We just love being with each other. There's no arguing, no drama. It's just easy," McPhee shared. "That's how it should be."

While McPhee basked in the glow of newlywed life, she also dedicated her time to give advice to up-and-coming artists looking to break into the music industry at Vocal Star, and the event's founder, George Caceres, couldn't have been more excited to have her as a special guest.

"Katharine, I think, is an insane, amazing wonder. I've admired her from the beginning...Her vocals are so insane and incredible and as an actor, she brings an incredible warmth to her songs.. She's such a full service artist. She does it all. She's very gifted," Caceres, who posed with McPhee on the carpet before the event, told ET "She's absolutely fearless, you can see it in her actions. Everything that she does is very positive and it moves art forward, and that's what I want for these kids."

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

As for her own music career, McPhee says she's still figuring out her path, but she's glad to be able to have someone like her husband to turn to for a bit of guidance and support.

"I'm not sure that I want to make a record right now, but if I were going to make one, it would probably be with [David]," she shared with a laugh. "Since he's the best, and he's in my backyard."

Check out the video below for more on the couple's recent wedding.