Katherine Langford Confirms '13 Reasons Why' Departure -- How She Hopes To Be Involved in Season 3 (Exclusive)

Katherine Langford also reveals whether fans can expect to see her show up in flashback form in season 3 of the hit Netflix series.

Netflix announced the renewal of 13 Reasons Why earlier this month, but one of its stars won't be back. 

Katherine Langford, who plays Hannah Baker in the teen drama, confirmed her departure to ET on Tuesday -- but wasn't totally closed off to the idea of coming back in flashback form if producers asked. 

"Hannah... Hannah is wrapped," she told ET at the Vanity Fair x Max Mara Celebration of Alexandra Shipp and Women in Film event at the Chateau Marmont. "Hannah is officially done on 13 Reasons Why and, you know, I feel really proud to have been a part of the project."

But she still hopes to have a small personal involvement in season 3, set for release in 2019. 

 "I think that 13 Reasons Why, you know, even if Hannah isn't in a season three, her story is something I'm gonna carry with me and I think also a lot of other people are gonna carry with them and I just hope that, if anything, I can be there in a small way on social media...yeah.. yeah."

When asked if we could potentially see her pop up in a flashback of sorts, she said it's up to the producers. 

"I mean, if they want me," she said. "That's all up to them. But Hannah is... Hannah's done, Hannah's wrapped, I'm so glad I got to tell her story, it was really special."

ET caught up with EP Mandy Teefey ahead of the season three pickup, where she admitted it would be hard to find a place for Langford moving forward

"Personally, as someone who thinks creatively, I feel it would be forced," Teefey explained. "But Katherine is so amazing. If we want to do storytelling, I don't know where it wouldn't feel forced. And she's going to be fine! We couldn't have been more lucky to have had her."

Cast mates Miles Heizer and Justin Prentice told ET earlier this month, at a different event, they're hoping there is a place for Langford in some capacity.  

“I think there's always a place for her in this show,” Heizer said. “It kind of started with her and she plays such a big part; even when she's not in the show, we're still kind of handling her story -- a lot of us -- and so I think there's always room for her to be there... I’d love to see her back, always. I love Katherine.”

“I love Katherine so much," Prentice shared. "I hope if it worked for the story and they could find a way, that'd be great. But, at the same time, I think season two ended on a really great note with that character… it'll be interesting to see.”

Watch the video below to see why the show's season two finale "pissed off" Prentice.