Katy Perry Addresses Her Fashion Label's Shoes Resembling Blackface, Explains the Design's Intent

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Katy Perry has addressed the scandal that erupted after some pointed out that shoes from her fashion label resemble blackface.

Both the Katy Perry Collections' Rue Face slip-on loafer and the Ora Face block-heel sandal -- which came in black, gold and beige and sold for $129 each -- have since been pulled from the label's website. The designs feature a face with eyes and a nose and exaggerated red lips.

In a statement to ET on Tuesday, Perry and her brand management company, Global Brands Group, said the design was meant to channel modern art and surrealism.

"The Rue and The Ora were part of a collection that was released last summer in 9 different colorways (black, blue, gold, graphite, lead, nude, pink, red, silver) and envisioned as a nod to modern art and surrealism," the statement reads. "I was saddened when it was brought to my attention that it was being compared to painful images reminiscent of blackface. Our intention was never to inflict any pain. We have immediately removed them from katyperrycollections.com."

Perry's blackface controversy comes after a similar furor revolving around high-end fashion label Gucci. Gucci recently pulled a black $890 turtleneck from their Autumn/Winter 2018 collection featuring large red lips from their inventory after some commented that the sweater heavily resembled blackface, and has since apologized.

Last October, journalist Megyn Kelly's NBC show, Megyn Kelly Today, was canceled after she defended blackface Halloween costumes on-air. Kelly officially left NBC in January. 

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