Katy Perry and Zedd Debut Obsession-Themed '365' Single and Creepy Robot Music Video

Katy Perry and Zedd

He's on her mind 24/7, 365!

Valentine's Day just got creepy!

On Thursday, Katy Perry and Zedd dropped a new EDM / pop crossover jam, "365," and obsession-themed music video to accompany it. In the futuristic video, Zedd is undergoing a candidate interview and is asked to define obsession.

"An unhealthy dependency," he answers.

After assuring the interviewer that he'll return to normal after the mysterious study, Zedd's unable to define love before it cuts to an AI robot version of Perry at a Swedish robotics center. Perry's being worked on by scientists as she sings to a fun dance beat about not being able to hold back with her love anymore.

The researchers dress robot-Perry in retro clothes to appear like the perfect housewife, before testing out her human traits with a life-size teddy bear. They're forced to adjust her affection meter, teach her to dance and add understanding about humor and puns.

Zedd is brought in when robot-Perry is deemed acceptable amid declarations of wanting him on her mind 24/7, 365. They hug and eat before things get weird and at bed time Zedd tries -- and fails -- to sneak out. Things build quickly -- just as the beat does -- as Zedd's disinterest becomes evident and causes Perry to malfunction, harming him in the process.

The year-long experiment comes to a close as Zedd reveals he never felt anything for Perry and researchers unplug that particular robot in favor of a new identical one for their next study. The video ends with Perry shedding a single tear as she looks on at her replacement. 

"365" marks the pair's first collaboration, but fans are sure to want another after this obsessive, sure-to-be hit! Watch the video below for more on Perry: