Katy Perry Jams Out to ‘Small Talk’ in a Public Bathroom

Katy Perry
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Katy Perry is once again taking her talents to the bathroom!

The 34-year-old hit-maker shared a new clip on Thursday featuring herself and her band offering an intimate performance of her new single, "Small Talk," where folks do their business.

The songstress rocks a pink dress covered in flamingos, which she paired with feathered earrings and heels for the touching "potty jams" session. Meanwhile, her backup band and singers all rocked black-and-white bodysuits as they grooved to the anthem.

Although it's a fairly large public restroom, her band got creative to make the space their own. One of her keyboardists took over the handicapped stall, while a guitarist took over a standard-sized stall, jamming out while wrapped in toilet paper.

With no microphone, the session handily showcases Perry's massive range and proves once again that the best acoustics can be found in the restroom. 

When the group wrapped up the sweet track, Perry's guitarist in the stall flushed as she proclaimed, "That's the sh*t!"

As fans know, this isn't the first time the singer has taken her tunes to the toilet. In July, she and her band took over a bathroom to deliver an equally moving rendition of her song "Never Really Over."

Although "Small Talk" is a somber lament about the awkward conversations between lovers after the passion is gone, there appears to be no lack of passion between the songstress and her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, these days. The pair walked the red carpet at the premiere for his new Amazon Prime Video show, Carnival Row, on Wednesday, even sharing kisses and whispering secrets while on hand!

ET spoke with Bloom about a touching thing that he and Perry share in their relationship: "We have a blackboard and we write messages of love."

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