Kellyanne Conway Is the Terrifying Clown from 'It' in Hilarious, Freaky 'Saturday Night Live' Short

Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise from 'It' on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live celebrated Halloween early this year with one of the creepiest sketches in recent memory, and the scares come from frequent SNL target Kellyanne Conway.

In a pre-recorded short called "Kellywise," the Counselor of President Donald Trump (brilliantly portrayed by Kate McKinnon) takes on a much more sinister role as Pennywise the Dancing Clown from the recent remake of Stephen King's It.

After Anderson Cooper (played by Alex Moffat) signs off from his show for the night, having nixed the idea of inviting Conway on for the next day's episode, he dons a bright yellow raincoat and walks home through a downpour.

After his newspaper is blown out of his hand and down a gutter drain, and when he looks into the darkness, a pair of shining eyes pop open and Conway – decked out in Pennywise's iconic makeup and costume – tries to convince Cooper to let her be a guest on his show.

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"What did you do to your makeup?” Cooper asks, voice trembling.

"I toned it down," Conway replies.

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After attempting to lure Cooper into the storm drain – first by promising to deliver some of her signature outlandish quotes, then by showing him his greatest fears (which are Trump being reelected and Cooper getting fat) – Conway vanishes, and Hillary Clinton steps out into the darkness of the storm drain.

Clinton (also played by McKinnon, who just owns SNL's political voice) successfully lures Cooper in with a copy of her latest book What Happened, only for Cooper to get his arm torn off and then pulled into the depths of the drain.

Suddenly, Cooper awakes only to discover that it was all a dream. But was it? (Spoiler: nope, and SNL gave us this fresh hell to contend with before going to sleep.)