Kendall Jenner Freaks Out Over Participating on 'Family Feud' -- Watch! (Exclusive)

Kendall Jenner
Rich Fury/Getty Images

Here's how Kim Kardashian convinced her younger sis to go on the show!

Kendall Jenner may be on countless magazine covers and walked her share of runways, but there’s one thing that makes her a little gun-shy – televised trivia!

Remember when the Kardashian clan was on Family Feud? Well, now Keeping Up With the Kardashians is finally showcasing how the family prepped for the big day, which included some convincing to get the 22-year-old supermodel involved.

In a new clip, Kendall's older sister, Kim Kardashian West, corners her in the kitchen to see if she’d be interested in participating alongside the rest of the family. That’s when Kendall makes this shocking admission: “I’ve never seen it.”

“Kendall, like, oh my god. I’m so excited, if you were to do it," Kim replies. "This would be so good for us as a family…that feuds.”

That’s when Kanye West’s better half explains how the game show is played as Khloe Kardashian kinda, sorta watches nearby. Kim clarifies that participants don’t just blurt out answers when they know them. You have to wait for your turn.

“It’s a turn?! It’s a turn?!” Kendall cries anxiously. “Oh my god! Guys, I can’t do this!”

Then Khloe graciously swoops in to offer Kendall her support as she contemplates not having the correct answer when she’s on the spot.

“Kendall, I’ll give you the answer,” Khloe says.

As the clip wraps up, Kim gushes to the camera about just how much being on Family Feud means to her.

Family Feud… that’s my dream of life. Like, this is the best day of my life," she exclaims. We're guessing her hubby agrees with her, considering he was smiling from ear to ear during taping!

Check out all the hilarious fun below.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. PST on E!