How Kim Kardashian's Bizarre Body Modification Necklace Came to Be (Exclusive)

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Kim Kardashian West's body modification necklace took months to make!

ET caught up with Simon Huck, the designer behind the necklace, at the debut of his line, A. Human -- a futuristic fashion brand that sells body modifications instead of clothing -- at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday.

Huck, a friend of the reality star, opened up about how they came to create Kardashian West's pulsating necklace that appeared to be implanted into her neck. In a video shared to Instagram Stories last week, the mother of three explained that the necklace lights up to the rhythm of her heartbeat.

The accessory is just one of many modification options that can include anything from "an elongated spine, to a biological heel where it grows from your leg, to a bejeweled barnacle coming out of your shoulder, to the emperor's hands that has hand webbing."

"It wasn't even a hesitation," Huck said of Kardashian West's involvement. "The minute she heard the idea, she thought this was so cool, so creative, she had references within hours."

Huck revealed that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who removed her modification 24 hours after it was installed, was heavily involved in the design process for her necklace.

"She knew exactly what she wanted, she wanted to make sure her implanted necklace synced to her heart, which we created for her in under two months," Huck said of the accessory. "She was involved from the beginning and right until the end, right until the application... She loved it. She had so much fun with it."

While Huck didn't know what the 37-year-old fashionista's husband, Kanye West, thought of the modification, he thinks the 41-year-old rapper would be a fan.

"I actually don't know [if he liked it]. I'm sure he would love it, though," Huck said. "...Yeah, this is something he would love."

Kardashian West isn't the only celebrity who's taken with the new trend. Model Chrissy Teigen and Queer Eye star Tan France also had accessories of their own made! While Teigen opted for a feather design at her collarbone, France chose a ruffled collar that he wore around his neck.

The show-stopping jewelry -- which can be re-used up to three times -- may seem complicated, but Huck revealed that the installation process is pain free, non-invasive and only takes a couple of hours.

"Our installations are under two hours, so think of it as a spa experience," Huck advised. "It's not painful... In the A. Human world, none of these things are invasive. These aren't procedures per se. It's just like going to the spa and getting your eyebrows waxed. It's the same seamlessness... We envisioned a world where technology and science would allow us... to easily swap out of things, just like how we swap out of our clothing."

Katie Holmes Simon Huck

Simon Huck and Katie Holmes attend A. Human launch on Sept. 4, 2018 in New York City.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for A. Human

“Every part of the experience, has been designed to excite, provoke and inspire, blurring the line between reality and illusion,” experiential creative director and designer Dejan Jovanovic also told ET.

The A. Human exhibit is open through Sept. 30 at 48 Mercer St. in New York City. Tickets to the experience start at $40. 


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