Kendall Jenner Talks Keeping Her Relationships Private, Ending Romances Quickly

The reality star and model opens up about her love life on Apple Music’s ZAZA WORLD RADIO.

Kendall Jenner isn’t interested in sharing her love life with the world! 

The 23-year-old model and reality star got candid about her decision to keep her personal life private during an interview with her pal, Hailey Baldwin, on Apple Music’s ZAZA WORLD RADIO earlier this week. 

Hailey, who recently married Justin Bieber, first talked about her friend, saying, "When Kendall loves, she loves super hard and I think that’s a great quality, and I think that she is a great girlfriend.”

She added that Kendall’s closed-mouth policy when it comes to her love life has likely led fans to make assumptions that aren’t always accurate. 

"They may have this idea and perception in their mind that you kind of, maybe, just throw people in the trash when you don’t like them. It’s not the truth,” Hailey says, adding, "She doesn’t like to waste time! I don’t think that that’s a bad thing." 

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Kendall then chimes in, "I know when I’m off it, and I get off it really easy. But it’s not just for no reason. Someone has to do something to make me off it. I think that especially because of the lifestyle that I live everything is so magnified and everyone wants to know things, especially about your love life. A lot of the relationships that I’m in, I’m in it, and I’m in it with that one person and I’m a very loyal person once I’m fully in it.” 

Kendall, who has been linked to Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, Blake Griffin, and now Ben Simmons, added that she doesn’t want to publicly talk about her romances because she doesn’t want to have to deal with talking about her breakups. 

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"I don’t want to let the world have their opinion on something and let them fully into something if I don’t even know what’s gonna end up happening in the next couple months because it’s something I’m going to have to explain,” she says. "The amount of times I see people together for a couple months and they’re together so hard core and they show it and they flex it everywhere and a couple months later they break up or something happens. They have to explain themselves to everyone. I don’t want to do all of that unless I’m completely certain in a relationship or it’s been a while."

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star recently confirmed she has been dating Simmons during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but kept the details hush hush. 

"I’m in relationships for myself, for me and that other person, not for anybody else, so I don’t find the need to be flexing it like that,” she adds on the radio show. 

Kendall isn’t afraid to publicly promote her family’s reality series. On Thursday, she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where she played a hilarious game, tasting shoes to see which ones were made of food. 

For more from Kendall, watch the clip below: 


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