Kevin Spacey Sued for Alleged Sexual Battery and Assault by Masseuse

Kevin Spacey
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Kevin Spacey has been sued for sexual battery. 

The 59-year-old actor is being accused of sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment stemming from an alleged encounter with a male masseuse in 2016, according to court documents obtained by ET. 

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles on Thursday on behalf of the man, who is choosing to remain unidentified. He alleges that the incident occurred when he was called to Spacey's home in Malibu in October 2016 for a private massage. 

The man says that after setting up his equipment upstairs, Spacey walked in wearing a robe. He claims Spacey locked the door behind him and allegedly told the masseuse that he was "having some pain or discomfort" in his groin area. The masseuse says he instructed Spacey to lie face down on the massage table, but alleges that Spacey laid face up. When he began to massage Spacey's leg, the masseuse claims the House of Cards star grabbed his hand and placed it on his genitals. 

The masseuse alleges that he pulled away, but gave Spacey the benefit of the doubt, and assumed the actor was trying to direct him to the area of pain. He says he began to massage Spacey toward his groin area in a "nonsexual, professional manner," but claims that this time, Spacey forced him to rub his genitals. 

When the man stepped back -- he allegedly told Spacey, "What are you doing? This is ridiculous. I am a professional. This is what I do for a living. I have a son" -- he claims Spacey exposed his naked body to him while standing up from the massage table. The masseuse then claims that Spacey grabbed his shoulders to pull him closer, in what he says felt like an attempted kiss. He also alleges that Spacey grabbed his genitals over his clothing and claims that the actor offered to perform oral sex on him. 

The masseuse claims that he repeatedly asked to leave, but alleges that Spacey blocked his exit with his naked body. Eventually, the man claims the actor let him leave, and he says he fled the residence, leaving behind materials like sheets and oil.

According to the lawsuit, the man reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department. He is asking for unspecified damages and attorney's fees to be paid by Spacey. 

ET has reached out to Spacey's attorney for comment. 

Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct last October by Anthony Rapp, who claimed Spacey made inappropriate sexual advances on him when Rapp was 14. Since then, others have come forward accusing Spacey of harassment or assault. He has denied the allegations. Staff on the set of House of Cards also accused Spacey of inappropriate behavior, for which he was fired

The actor, who apologized to Rapp via Twitter last October -- writing, in part, "If I did behave as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior." -- checked into a treatment facility in November 2017. 

See more on Spacey in the video below. 


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