Khloe Kardashian Reveals the 10 Things You Should Never Say to a New Mom

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Khloe Kardashian wants people to know that there are some things you should never say to a new mom.

The reality star, who gave birth to her first child, baby girl True, in April, took to her app this week with a list of 10 statements and questions that make new moms like herself cringe.

"I totally get it that sometimes it's hard to know what to say to a new mom! I have my awkward moments, too," she revealed. "There are a few things that are pretty much the worst things to hear after you've given birth, though. Like, please shut the f**k up if you even TRY to brag about your good night's sleep."

Khloe kicks off the list by noting that asking the question, "Did you deliver naturally?" is a big no-no.

"My vagina -- its past, its present, its future -- is none of your business," she explains. "Period."

"How's the breastfeeding going?" is another question that can be too "personal," she says, as "you never know the private struggles someone could be going through and how terrible it may be making them feel."

Khloe also encourages others not to state the obvious observations, like "You look tired," "Your baby cries a lot," and "I never see you anymore."

"A new mom is likely already sad about this, so this statement will most definitely cause tears -- or anger," Khloe says of the latter. "Not a good idea."

The Revenge Body star also admits that having conversations about weight can also be a sensitive subject for new moms. "The scale is the opposite of a new mom's happy place," she says. "I've been pretty damn lucky with my weight loss (trust, it's been WORK!) but everyone loses the lbs at their own pace."

Khloe revealed last month that she's lost 33 pounds since giving birth to True. 

"I'm chalking this up to the combination of breastfeeding and being very active during and after my pregnancy," she shared in another post on her app. "Staying healthy and active is something that's very important to me. Exercise is something I've always used to maintain my sanity and relieve stress. And, now that I have a baby, I still want to keep something that's my time, my space, something I'm doing for myself."

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