Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Toned Stomach, Shares Message About Not Taking Advice After Cheating Scandal

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Khloe Kardashian is working hard at getting back into pre-baby shape and cryptically tweeting at critics who are "focused so much on someone else’s life" as she works through a cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson.

The 33-year-old model and reality star  posted a fresh update of herself on Instagram on Sunday, showing off a toned tummy as she continues to get herself in top form. Just a week ago, she posted a similar video talking about working on her rear and thighs and how working out is her "sanctuary."

"So I want to start doing that now and getting into my rhythm and in between feedings I want to find time to work out," she said at the time. "That's going to be my new normal. Just because I have a baby doesn't mean I have to stop doing the things that I love and I love working out, getting my mind right."

Kardashian also gave a piece of her mind on Twitter on Monday morning, sending out a series of quasi-cryptic tweets that seem aimed at those who have weighed in on the cheating scandal that broke around the time she was preparing to give birth to daughter True. Kardashian was reportedly "completely devastated" by the alleged cheating, but has decided to give him another chance.

On Monday, she lashed out vaguely at those who get in others' business and give out advice, while not following it themselves.

"People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being. People these days are focused so much on someone else’s life instead of their own," she wrote in one tweet. She followed it with another, "They love to give advice but are not living the advice that they are offering. Most of the ones giving advice are in no place to give anything at all. Focus on your own world. I’m sure there’s cracks there that need your attention. We all got em."

And then, for good measure, she cryptically criticized people for trying to draw conclusions about her vague social media posts.

"Wild that people assume you’re speaking about something and they run with it," she wrote. "Anything and everything gets twisted into something it’s completely not. Lord, I’m remembering how much I loved my social media break LOL."

For more on Kardashian's "little love," True, watch the video below.


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