Khloe Kardashian Welcomes an Adorable New Addition to Her Family

Khloe introduced the world to her family's new addition, who joins their first furry companion.

Khloe Kardashian's family has grown by four little paws!

On Tuesday, the Kardashians star introduced the world to the latest addition to her household, Baby Kitty.

"Welcome to the family Baby Kitty 🐈‍⬛," the 39-year-old wrote. "All True wanted for her six birthday was another kitty. She is such a great kitty mommy to Grey Kitty. I know she will be just as wonderful to Baby Kitty. Never in a million years did I think I would have one cat let alone two. But here we are and I love them. I love how much my kids love them as well. But this is my maximum for cats. Two is enough."

Khloe Kardashian gifts daughter True Thompson a new cat for her sixth birthday. - Instagram

Khloe ended her post with a call to her followers to give her family's new member a warm welcome. 

"Anyways, welcome Baby Kitty to the family. I'm sure Grey Kitty will be so happy to have a friend," she wrote. 

Khloe's post led with an adorable picture of Baby Kitty, rocking a pink collar with a little bell while it looks directly at the camera with piercing blue eyes and perky ears. The post follows with a sweet picture of Baby Kitty and Grey Kitty sniffing each other, while they hang out on True's dresser.

The Good American founder shares more pics of True, 6, holding and watching Baby Kitty, and videos of the little kitten playing around the house. 

Not pictured was Khloe and Tristan's son, Tatum. 

In 2021, Khloe took to X (formally known as Twitter) and shared with her followers that following the death of her dog, Gabbana, in 2018, she was ready for a new pet. However, she and True were at odds, as she wanted a dog and her daughter was obsessed with cats. 

"I'm finally ready," Khloe shared. "I know a dog would be a great addition to our home. Buttttt Miss True has a love for cats and wants a cat. I have never owned a cat before. I don't know anything about cats. I've been researching for weeks (literally). I've been trying to persuade her to get a dog but she's not falling for it. Sooooooooooo does anyone know of any good kitten rescues in Los Angeles."

In the end, Khloe settled on a cat -- who went on to be known as Grey Kitty. True was so into the moment, that she and Khloe dressed up as their pet for Halloween the same year. 

Earlier this month, Khloe and her sister, Kim Kardashian, marked True's birthday with a tropical getaway featuring the cousins. 

Khloe shared a series of pictures from the island vacation. 

"🩵 True and Turks 🩵," she wrote. 

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