Kim Kardashian Adds Body Tape to Shapewear Collection, Inspired by Her Cleavage Secret

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kim kardashian at PCAs
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Gone are the days of using gaffer's tape! Kim launches her own line of boob tape and pasties for SKIMS.

Kim Kardashian West is adding boob tape and pasties to the SKIMS catalog, inspired by the throwback techniques she used for major cleavage. 

The entrepreneur announced another new launch for her "solutionwear" line called Styling Solutions -- accessories that invisibly hold, cover and lift the breasts under clothing. The 45-feet length body tape and teardrop-shaped pasties, made with a stretchy, comfy cotton material, are available in three different nude colors. They claim to be waterproof, sweatproof and last for 12 hours. 

Back in 2016, the social media star revealed her "red carpet cleavage secret." She used all types of industrial tape from duct tape to gaffer's tape to lift her breasts and create a pronounced cleavage look for the red carpet. 

In a video shared on the SKIMS Instagram on Monday, Kim unveils the SKIMS body tape and compares it to the experience of previously using gaffer's tape. 

"When I started using [boob tape] I would use gaffer's tape, which obviously was super uncomfortable, but this material is super soft and super stretchy but not too stretchy because you want it to hold," she says. 

"Again this material is so amazing where it doesn't really rip off the skin like gaffer's tape used to do," she explains in another video where she shows off the pasties. "That would give me literal scabs and burns for the longest time."

The body tape and pasties will be available on Nov. 14.

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