Kim Kardashian Says She Prefers Sex With the Lights Off Despite Having Confidence in Public

The 42-year-old reality star opens up to pal Scott Disick about her dating life.

She's no stranger to breaking the internet with her nude, revealing pics, but in the privacy of her bedroom, Kim Kardashian admits that she's pretty shy about showing off her body. In the latest episode of The Kardashians, Kim and pal Scott Disick meet up for dinner to talk about their dating lives.

While discussing Kim's icon, Cher -- who was at the time dating Alexander "AE" Edwards, a man 40 years her junior -- Kim admits that she'd be "insecure" about such a big age gap.

"I pretty much have the lights off now," she tells Scott of her bedroom requirements.

During her confessional interview, Kim is asked about keeping the lights off during sex, admitting, "It's so weird but then I can walk out of a photo shoot with 100 people working on set. I can walk out in a thong, but if it's like you're there with me, I'm like, 'Wait, don't look at me! Turns the lights off!'"

In her conversation with Scott, Kim notes that her recent first dates after her 2022 split from Pete Davidson have been "kind of awkward."

Being such a public figure, Kim has to hide the men she's seeing so as not to create new tabloid gossip. She shares that if she's seeing someone and it's not working out, she feels pressure to make it work for a little longer because she's "so embarrassed" by the brief romance.

Referencing her last relationship with Pete, Kim explains, "The media made me feel like I was in a very serious relationship so quickly. I just want to sneak around a little bit. There's nothing wrong with wanting to sneak." 

In fact, Kim isn't looking to date just one person. She's interested in playing the field. She tells Scott that her friends introduced her to a mystery man they dub "Fred" while in New York, dishing, "He so meets the standards."

Kim is then seen in her confessional interview smiling and texting "Fred," while her producer says "two years my a**," in reference to two years of her staying single. Kim says, "No, I'm gonna be."

She shares that she met up with "Fred" at a New York hotel that used to be her spot with Pete, and though Pete wasn't there, she figured her ex was well aware of what she was up to.

Kim and Pete split in August 2022 after nine months of dating. Prior to that relationship, Kim was married to the father of her four children, Kanye West. They share daughters North, 9, and Chicago, 5, and sons Saint, 7, and Psalm, 4.

She has since been linked to Tom Brady, though ET previously learned that the two stars are "just friends."

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