Kim Kardashian Teases Family Christmas Card After Saying It's Not Happening This Year

We may be getting a card from the famous family after all!

It looks like we may get a Kardashian Christmas card after all!

Kim Kardashian West took to her Instagram Story on Thursday to share a series of videos of her considering the possibility of ambushing her family into taking a holiday card photo.

"We're on set today for a secret project," the 38-year-old reality star noted in the first clip. "... I'm here with all my sisters and my mom. Do you think I should pop up on them with a photographer and shoot our family Christmas card? I think I can get this done."

The one caveat for Kardashian West was that the family's children weren't present at the top-secret shoot.

"All right, so I can maybe pull this off in about an hour, but do we want a sister [and] mom Christmas card? Or do we want all the kids in it? I mean, I can try and get the kids here and surprise everyone," she said. "What do I do, guys? Christmas card today?"

"Should I try to get them to do a Christmas card today?" she asked in a final video before taking a poll from her followers.


The videos about the long-discussed holiday tradition came after Kardashian West told ET that there likely wouldn't be a Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card this year.

"You know, this Kardashian Christmas card," Kardashian West said with a sigh. "I really feel like last year really f**ked us over. I'm not gonna lie. It really did us in. So, we gotta get it together. We gotta plan ahead. I think, honestly, time just flew by so fast."

Kardashian West had one last strategy for getting a card done, though -- it may be a New Year's card rather than a Christmas one.

"This year is the first year that Kanye [West] and I are taking over the Christmas Eve party. We've done it at my mom's house for the last 20 years; this year it's going to be at mine and Kanye's house," she said. "I think if I tell everyone that it's 30 minutes before the party actually starts and they have to be on time and have a photographer waiting and have all of our outfits somewhat cohesive, we might be able to pull off a really late Christmas card. Maybe a New Year's card?" 

"I'm gonna try to do that," she added. "That's my goal."

Watch the video below for more of ET's interview with Kardashian West:



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