Kim Zolciak Biermann and Daughters Spend 'Thousands of Dollars’ a Day on Glam! (Exclusive)

Kim Zolciak Biermann and her daughter, Brielle, dish on staying glam while on the road for season 8 of Bravo's 'Don't Be Tardy.'

Kim Zolciak Biermann brought a sensible six wigs with her on her family's six-week cross country road trip last summer for their reality show, Don't Be Tardy. That, plus 40 outfits… per person. Do the math, and that's a total of 320 ensembles for the eight Biermanns: Kim, her husband, Kroy, and their six kids: Brielle, 24, Ariana, 18, KJ, 9 Kash, 8, and twins Kane and Kaia, 6.

"I think I packed my entire house," Kim confesses to ET over video chat. "Kroy thought I was maybe only gonna bring five pairs of shoes: sneakers, black heels, something, silver heels, gold heels, you're good. No, I packed everything."

Kim also brought a makeup artist along for the ride, but Brielle admits getting glam wasn't always glamorous, seeing as the family really did stay at KOA campgrounds across the nation.

"Having to do our hair in some of the KOA bathrooms was a task," Brielle says. "I'd be curling my hair and then there's a huge spider right here. … So, you have to either toughen up and act kind of like a dude for a second and be like, 'Alright, f*** the bug' and finish your hair and get out as soon as you can. Like, you had no other option at all."

Kim says the family's glam budget has gone up "a lot" since former tomboy Ariana turned 18 and discovered her own love of makeup.

"It's a couple thousand dollars a day, for sure," Kim says of the family’s hair and makeup costs while filming Don't Be Tardy. "That's just the makeup and the styling of the hair. Not the wig itself, or the clothes."

"Hair itself, I probably have about $8,000 worth of hair on my head right now," Brielle jumps in to add of her extensions. She recently dyed her locks brown in an attempt to differentiate herself from her look-alike mom.

"Everywhere I go it's, 'Oh my god, you're Kim’s daughter. Oh my god, it's Kim's daughter. I love her.' I'm like, OK, well, what about me, you know? I’m on the TV show, too," Brielle shares.

"You'e still Kim’s daughter," Kim quickly quips, adding that she could pop on her brunette wig any time to mess with Brielle.

Kim and Brielle still share their love of oversized lips, though Brielle did recently dissolve her fillers in an attempt to correct some bad work she previously had done. Neither Brielle nor Kim is pleased with their appearance on season 8 of Don't Be Tardy. Kim says steroids she was on for an infection had her looking "puffy," while Brielle can't stand the sight of her previously plumped pout.

"The lips weren't going down," Brielle says, claiming she went over a year without injecting anything new before seeking out a doctor to help her start the process over. She admits to having "too many cooks in the kitchen," previously seeking out multiple doctors to add volume to her lips instead of just sticking with one.

"It wasn't dissolving, nothing was happening," she says. "They would, like, blow up and look crazy, so I found an incredible doctor in Atlanta … and I asked her, what do you think? Should we take it out and start over? She's like, 'Yes, we don't even have a shape anymore. Let’s just dissolve it, let's restart.' She has a subtle more natural approach to the lips."

Ariana has yet to join Kim and Brielle in the lip filler club, but they both predict that'll change soon.

"She talks about it. She wants to do it," Kim says, to which Brielle replies, "She'll probably go with me on Saturday."

Don't Be Tardy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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