King Charles New Official Photo Revealed, See How He's Honoring His Parents

The monarch has a photo of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip behind him in a newly released pic.

King Charles III is keeping his late parents close. On Friday, Buckingham Palace released a photo of the newly minted monarch carrying out official government duties, with a photo of his late mom and dad, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, behind him.

Taken in the Eighteenth Century Room at Buckingham Palace last week, the new pic shows Charles reviewing documents from The King’s Red Box, which contains papers from government ministers in the United Kingdom and the Realms and from representatives from the Commonwealth and beyond.

The documents are sent from the Private Secretary’s Office to the king, wherever he may be in residence, in a locked red despatch box.

The Associated Press

As Charles is hard at work, his parents are keeping close watch, as a photo of the late royals sits behind the sovereign. The pic of the then-Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip, which was taken by Baron Studios, was given to King George VI for Christmas in 1951.

Following Queen Elizabeth's death, ET spoke with Grant Harrold, the former butler of the royal household, who shared what kind of monarch he believes Charles will make.

"He's an amazing man. He's like his mother. He's funny, he's witty, he's about tradition," Harrold said. "... I think he will be a good king, personally, because I've seen what he's like as a person."