Kirsten Dunst Would Do Another 'Bring It On' Movie Under One Condition (Exclusive)

The actress spoke with ET at the Los Angeles premiere of her new drama 'Civil War' on Tuesday.

Kirsten Dunst isn't shutting the door on the possibility of returning to the cheerleading world of Bring It On.

The acclaimed actress walked the appropriately ominous black carpet at a special screening of her frightening new drama Civil War in Los Angeles on Tuesday -- but touched on the possibility of starring or taking part in some possibly lighter fare some day in the future.

Dunst spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier, and the Oscar-nominated star addressed whether or not she'd be interested in taking part in a sequel or reboot of her beloved 2000 teen comedy Bring It On.

"I mean, it depends," Dunst admitted. "Everyone's bringing back their stuff, right?"

Kirsten Dunst in 'Bring It On' - Bring it On

Saying she appreciates the interest fans have in "a little throwback" fun, Dunst said she would consider it, under one important condition: "As long as it's not embarrassing."

Released in 2000, Bring It On co-starred Eliza Dushku, Gabrielle Union, Jesse Bradford and Clare Kramer, and was helmed by director Peyton Reed. The film went on to become a cult classic, and actually spawned six direct-to-video sequels that didn't include any members of the original main cast.

Union has long talked about wanting to develop a sequel film, and Reed spoke with ET in February 2023, where he said, "It could happen."

Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

"We'd always been thinking about it," the director shared, explaining that thought was, "What if there's a legacy sequel that features the whole original cast? Obviously, 20 some years later, we would come at that movie from a totally different direction. And Gabrielle has not only ideas, but great ideas. So, that is something that I hope we can continue to discuss."

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Dunst walked the red carpet with husband Jesse Plemons -- who also appears in the controversial new drama -- and the actress noted that it was actually his birthday, and she felt bad that he was "stuck at a premiere."

Although the couple -- who tied the knot in 2022 -- planned to make the most of the night anyway.

"We're just going to eat dinner while everyone else watches the movie," Dunst said. "And all of our friends are here, so we're basically taking over the party."

As for Dunst's politically charged new thriller, Civil War, the film takes place in the near future and is set amid the chaos and conflict of a second American Civil War, after California and Texas seceded to form the "Western Forces" in an attempt to overthrow the established U.S. government. 

Dunst plays Lee, a photojournalist who is traversing the embattled country while documenting the horrors of war as neighbors turn against neighbors and the nation is torn asunder.

Civil War hits theaters on April 12.



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