Kourtney Kardashian Just Made the Aromatherapy Diffuser So Chic -- Shop Her Newest Collaboration!

Kourtney Kardashian Poosh 1280
Courtesy of Poosh

Kourtney Kardashian's latest collaboration will make you relax and your home look more chic! 

The Poosh founder has teamed up with Saje Natural Wellness on a limited-edition aromatherapy diffuser. Inspired by stone landscapes and modern architecture, the diffuser is a chic textured sphere shape, available in gray and white, which comes with a liquid blend of rose, lavender and grapefruit. 

Kardashian shared pics of her doing various things around the house and the office with the Positively Poosh Ultrasonic Diffuser by her side -- from tying her hair up in the bathroom, taking a phone call in her office and reading a book in the bathtub, which garnered some unkind comments from social media trolls

The diffuser not only spruces up a space, but it also claims to humidify and revitalize the air with the healing power of plants. Shop the Poosh collaboration below. 

Positively Poosh Ultrasonic Diffuser Kit
Courtesy of Poosh

Positively Poosh Ultrasonic Diffuser Kit, $100


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