Kourtney Kardashian's Guide to Aging Backwards: Her 7 Best Beauty & Wellness Tips

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In honor of her 40th birthday, we're looking at the lifestyle habits of the aging-backward reality TV star.

If you can believe it, Kourtney Kardashian turns 40 today. 

In the last year, the reality TV star has not been shy about showing off her envious bod in endless bikini photos and opening up about her organic, healthy lifestyle (the subject of her new website, Poosh), and it got us thinking: How does she look so dang good and ageless? 

Perhaps it's the Kardashian genes, or the fact that she has access to the best dermatologists and personal trainers, but there are numerous lifestyle habits Kourt swears by. 

Ahead, discover the beauty and wellness tips we've learned from the eldest Kardashian sister in honor of her birthday. 

She Applies Sunscreen Daily 

The star wears SPF every day, rain or shine, she shared in a video for Vogue. Kardashian currently loves the EltaMD sunscreen to protect her skin from damage, wrinkles and pigmentation, and even applies it on her hands -- a tip she picked up from sister Khloe. 

She Takes Supplements 

Vogue reported Kardashian takes an array of supplements every day, including collagen, olive leaf, MCT oil and chlorophyll, and she checks her blood levels with her holistic doctor when she completes a new vitamin pack. 

She Uses a Body Scrub Every Other Day 

Want to look good naked like Kourt? According to an article on Poosh, her trick to smoother, softer skin is exfoliating the bod from the shoulders down every other day with a scrub. Her go-to is the Crushed Cabernet Scrub from Caudalie

She Eats Gluten and Dairy in Moderation 

Kardashian is known of her everything-organic, health-conscious lifestyle. Although she previously cut out gluten and dairy, Kourtney revealed in October last year on her now-defunct website, reported by People, that she has slowly reintroduced them into her diet in moderation while on vacation: "I’m trying to keep small amounts of both dairy and gluten in my system, so my body is used to it when I do have a little." 

She Works Out Five Days a Week 

In an interview with E! Online last June, Kardashian's trainer Amanda Lee said she works with the entrepreneur on the weekdays, focusing on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts to tone and tighten the abs and butt, including lots of burpees, lunges and squats. Lee recently shared her moves on Poosh

She Does Intermittent Fasting

Kardashian detailed her three-month fasting regimen on her app, which went dark in December, in June 2017. To detox high levels of metals in her body, the reality TV star didn't eat for 14 to 16 hours after dinner and stuck to a low-carb diet with lots of proteins and healthy fats, eliminating grains, beans and legumes. 

She Drinks Lots of Water 

This is an obvious one, but Kardashian has credited the simple habit of drinking water for losing weight, helping her skin glow and even aiding her immune system, which she waxed poetic about in an interview with Byrdie three years ago: "When I step up the water, I’ll instantly lose like two pounds in one day."