Kristen Bell Explains Why 'Veronica Mars' Reboot Will Be a 'Much More Mature Show' (Exclusive)

Kristen Bell at the 'Teen Titans Go! To the Movies' premiere in Hollywood on July 22.
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'Veronica Mars' fans, get ready to see the beloved show on a much bigger scale.

Veronica Mars fans, get ready to see the beloved show on a much bigger scale.

ET spoke to Kristen Bell on Thursday in New York City as she lit up the Empire State Building in support of the Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund (WPHF), where she dished about the highly anticipated Veronica Mars reboot. Last week, Bell -- who plays the main character in the show, private investigator Veronica Mars -- confirmed the revival was heading to Hulu.

"Well, marshmallows can expect the same characters but also a lot of new characters, and a much more adult show," Bell says. "The show will have grown with Veronica. It will also have grown with the fan base because, you know, it was on 15 years ago. I can't even remember."

"It will be a much bigger world cinematically," she continues. "Television is able to do unbelievably cinematic things now and we are planning on letting Veronica's world follow."

Bell acknowledged the importance of the mystery series to her longtime fans and shared why it still holds up today. 

"I think, you know, Veronica Mars more than any other project I have done has been one that has clung to people," she notes. "When I meet fans, they still tell me it's so significant in their lives. So, to me, that says maybe that story is not over. And we always refer to Veronica as a hero and cape and now I think more than ever, people want to see a hero and an underdog that is fighting for good. I think she is still important to people and I don't think her story is over."

The mother of two also explained why Thursday's event was so important to her. Bell just became the global advocate for WPHF, which galvanizes support from across the globe to support the efforts of women working on the frontlines of the world’s conflicts.

"I truly believe in grassroots change," she notes. "I think you can't hypothesize about how to fix someone else's situation. You need to talk to the people that have their feet in the mud and see what is going on. And I think there are women around the world who are getting involved with zero support and are waiting for a chance to fix our communities, whether it is helping them economically or distributing humanitarian aid or helping any sort of crisis or conflict. Currently, one percent of global funding goes towards women organizations and I just think if they are doing this much with one percent, imagine what the possibilities would be if they had the other 99."

On Tuesday, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas took to Instagram, to get fans excited about the returning cast, which aside from Bell, includes Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls), Francis Capra (Eli "Weevil" Navarro), Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel) and David Starzyk (Richard Casablancas). He also revealed that NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, an accomplished writer in his own right, will be among the TV writers.

For more on the reboot, watch the video below: