Kristen Doute Says Ariana Madix 'Gets to Flourish' Without Tom Sandoval 'Riding Her Coattails'

Tom Sandoval's ex-girlfriend has a lot to say.

Tom Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend has a lot to say! 

Vanderpump Rules co-stars, Lala Kent and Kristen Doute, sat down for Scheana Shay’s Friday episode of Dear Media's Scheananigans with Scheana Shay, and the topic of choice– Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ affair which led to his breakup with Ariana Madix. 

Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend, Doute, had the most to say. "This is all very surreal that this occurred with he and Raquel behind Ariana's back," she said. "Like, there's still something I have not fully digested yet. I was literally shocked. But now, in hindsight, I'm like, yeah, that sounds about right. But I really didn't think he'd do it to her."

Kent chimed in, "He's a narcissist," she said of Sandoval. "He's going to do it to her. He's going to do it to Raquel. He's going to do it to his next partner. He's a soul-sucking human."

Kent said at the VPR season 9 reunion, Leviss made an interesting remark toward the Give Them Lala founder, “I was actually called a mistress by Raquel Leviss. That's rich!”

Doute previously dated Sandoval for roughly five years when Madix first joined the Vanderpump Rules cast in 2013. At the time, there were rumors swirling that Sandoval cheated on Doute with Madix. They later confirmed they did kiss while Sandoval and Doute were together. 

Doute said the recent affair is "bringing back so many memories."

Doute fells she and Sandoval should've broken up sooner than they did.

"We should've broken up after a year or two," she said. "We shared a DVR box. We shared bills. We shared a shi**y apartment. We didn't have any money. And it was like, we shared the same friend group. It was, like, easier to just -- as it felt in the moment -- easier to just stay in it than it was to, like, break up the friend group. But we were both unfaithful. We cheated on each other."

Although it took time, Madix and Doute are now close friends. 

"I'm so lucky to call her a really good friend for many, many years now," Doute said. "And unfortunately, had to thank her for taking him out of my life. It's so wild. There's no karma coming down her."

"She doesn't have a leech that's going to dragging her down anymore," Doute said. "She gets to flourish. She can write her own book without someone riding her coattails."

News of Sandoval and Leviss' alleged affair first broke earlier this month, with a source telling ET that there have been "too many instances where Ariana felt like Tom disrespected her and she finally ended things."