Kristen Stewart and Her 'Charlie's Angels' Co-Stars Spill Set Secrets (Exclusive)

The trio is interviewed by their 'Charlie's Angels' director, Elizabeth Banks, for ET.

Elizabeth Banks had no idea how revered she was by the stars of her film, Charlie's Angels, until she interviewed them for ET!

Banks, who wrote, directed and stars in the film, was clearly taken aback when she asked Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Naomi Scott, "What was the best part about having me as your director?"

"I find the best part was you were very honest and inclusive," 26-year-old Scott began, gushing over Banks. "I felt invited in, in ways that maybe I have not been on other movies."

Continuing to praise the director-actress, Stewart added, "If there was any sort of question that I had, I did not look to myself or anyone, I was like, 'Uh, Liz?' Immediately, [you were there], and that is really rare. That sort of faith in why you are doing this movie and how that transferred into all of us was very clear. I was like, 'Oh, she knows exactly what sort of movie she is making.' That was sick, dude."

Balinska agreed, noting, "Having you produce, direct, star, write the film, there were so many conversations that didn't need to be had because it was through one person."

"Because of that, it manifested in a really safe environment. You act as well as direct, so you were an actor's director. So we could make choices, make a fool of ourselves and be silly and have fun and just throw stuff out there," she continued. "Being able to do that, you can create something amazing, because we trusted you."

After being bombarded with praise, Banks replied, "That's really embarrassing. ...I have actually not the capability or capacity to actually take in what just happened because it was too good."

While Banks, Stewart, Balinska and Scott clearly get along, a few of them left with bruises after filming the action movie -- some more than others. 

"Ella would really throw herself," Stewart recalled. "There are times I would be like, 'Ells, you're not on camera. Just be like, boom.' She could not stop doing it."

"I was like really enjoying myself. I love physical activity," Balinska said before adding, "to the point of truly harming yourself."

"There were some great photos of costume fittings where I'm wearing the green dress and my legs are covered in bruises," the 23-year-old actress recalled.

Stewart also got to put herself out there in this movie, and show off her comedic chops. "I'm not normally given that responsibility and if I'm on a really serious movie, I can't stay in it the whole time. I am in no way method-y. It is so intense sometimes I need the relief in between," she said of other roles that did not require her to be funny. "It felt really natural to me even though I have not been given a massive opportunity up until this point to showcase that."

Complimenting her co-stars and Banks, the 29-year-old actress continued, "I was surrounded by people that made me feel like I could do no wrong. Also, making fun of your friends is some of the most fun you can have."

The ladies seemed to have a "work hard, play hard" attitude while filming around the world on the highly anticipated film, and dished on their favorite places to enjoy a night out. 

"I’m never hard-pressed to find a place to go," Stewart quipped. Banks chimed in, "She can make a party anywhere."

Balinska remembered celebrating her birthday in Hamburg, Germany, and Banks and Stewart agreed that it was "very special."

"The whole cast got together," Banks, 45, said of the dinner. 

"After the dinner, when we found a place to actually dance freely, because we had done the whole movie in Berlin," Stewart reminisced, noting they also had a "dance party" in İstanbul, Turkey.

"The bottom line is, you guys like to dance," Banks said of the actresses.

While the women can't wait for the release of Charlie's Angels, they already have some ideas for a sequel -- and they all agreed on "sun and fun." While India and St. Lucia were brought up as locations, Banks pitched Los Angeles.

"I'd like to shoot it in my backyard, where I can pick my kids up from school. That would be great," she said. "That is really funny. I hope that we get to do that."

Charlie's Angels hits theaters on Nov. 15. 



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