Kristen Stewart Reveals She Can't Get This 'Charlie's Angels' Song Out of Her Head (Exclusive)

The stars of 'Charlie's Angels' opened up to ET about the film's theme song on Wednesday in Beverly Hills.

For the soundtrack to the upcoming addition to the Charlie's Angels franchise, Ariana Grande teamed up with Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Ray for the powerhouse single "Don't Call Me Angel," which essentially serves as the film's theme song off the soundtrack.

Now, Charlie's Angels star Kristen Stewart is kindly asking for the people who made the song a hit to just bring it down a few notches because the catchy tune is really getting stuck in her head.

Stewart joined her fellow co-stars, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska, at the Will Rogers 78th Annual Pioneer Dinner -- honoring Charlie's Angels director and star Elizabeth Banks -- at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, and explained her dilemma to ET's Ash Crossan.

"I would like everyone to stop posting that song," Stewart said with a laugh. "Literally, I like can't get away from it."

Realizing that her off-the-cuff remark could be misinterpreted as negative, Stewart quickly added, "Actually, what I mean is, Charlie's Angels is sick and I love that song. And I do! But, it's, like, a lot."

"What we're trying to say is, it gets in your head," Scott chimed in.

"The thing is, I haven't heard all of it, so I only know that [chorus]," Stewart revealed. "Maybe if I could hear all of it it might be a satisfying experience."

"But thank you for being on our soundtrack!" she quickly added, addressing the camera directly with her message for the trio of singers.

As for Banks, Stewart had nothing but reverence and praise, especially for her determination and artistic fortitude.

"Liz is a storyteller, she's like a compulsive artist," Stewart shared. "And she has the balls to do it in a way that's unique to her."

ET also chatted with the night's guest of honor, who opened up about how she got the all-star team-up for "Don't Call Me Angel."

"Ariana Grande came in really early on to executive produce the soundtrack for the movie," Banks explained. "I was really obsessed with the Black Panther soundtrack and how one artist [Kendrick Lamar] sort of took over and really represented not just the theme of the movie but the audience of the movie. And [Grande] so perfect [for this soundtrack] and she really loves Charlie's Angels, and it's been a dream."

According to Banks, Grande and Cyrus paired up early in the process, and Del Ray signed on later, making the hardest part of the creation of the single figuring out how to blend their unique styles -- which, for Banks, is a perfect parallel to the dynamic between the super-spy agents of Charlie's Angels.

"And the fact that it all came together, I'm just blown away," Banks added.

Charlie's Angels hits theaters Nov. 15. Check out the video below to hear more.