Elizabeth Banks on Why Ariana Grande Was 'So Perfect' to Produce the 'Charlie's Angels' Soundtrack (Exclusive)

'She's been a dream,' the actress gushed to ET on Wednesday.

Elizabeth Banks is bowing down to Ariana Grande!

ET's Ash Crossan caught up with the actress in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where she praised the singer for executive producing the film's soundtrack and forming the now-iconic "Don't Call Me Angel" trio made up of Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey.

"Ariana delivered!" said Banks, who directed and stars as Bosley in the upcoming reboot. "Ariana Grande came in really early on to executive produce the soundtrack for the movie. I was really obsessed with the Black Panther soundtrack, and how one artist sort of took over and really represented not just the theme of the movie but the audience for the movie."

Banks continued to gush over Grande, saying, "She's just so perfect and she really loves Charlie's Angels."

"She's been a dream," added Banks, who was honored as the 2019 Will Rogers Pioneer of the Year. "She's friends with Miley. Miley came in pretty quickly on that song, and that song was one of the first things we heard from the album producers and we loved it. I loved how anthemic it was, and then figuring out Lana's part and how they could sort of combine all their different styles which is totally the theme of the movie. I have three totally different angels and three totally different, incredible singers. Just that it all came together, I'm blown away."

Leading the reboot is Kristen Stewart as Sabina Wilson, Naomi Scott as Elena Houghlin and Ella Balinska as Jane Kano. "It's just a continuation of everything that's come before," Banks explained of how her new version will play out on the big screen. "So the angels from -- Drew [Barrymore], Lucy [Liu] and Cameron [Diaz] -- that trio, they exist in our world. They were angels, they still are angels -- the original angels and Charlie's still Charlie and Bosley's just a rank now."

ET also spoke with Stewart on Wednesday, who gave high praise to Banks for her directing skills.

"Liz is a storyteller, she's like a compulsive artist," Stewart explained. "And she has the balls to do it in a way that's unique to her."

Charlie's Angels hits theaters Nov. 15. 


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