KTLA Reporter Sam Rubin's Son Colby Pays Emotional Tribute to His Dad During Broadcast 

KTLA Reporter Sam Rubin's Son Colby Pays Emotional Tribute to His Dad During Broadcast

Sam Rubin, the longtime and beloved journalist, died Friday following a heart attack.

In a somber moment during Monday’s broadcast on KTLA, Colby Rubin, the son of the late Sam Rubin, delivered an emotional tribute to his father. He reminisced about cherished moments and expressed profound grief over his sudden departure.

Rubin, a revered figure in the realm of TV journalism and a familiar face on KTLA's morning show, tragically died on Friday after succumbing to a heart attack, ET confirmed. The news of his untimely death sent shockwaves through the community he served, leaving colleagues and viewers mourning the loss of a beloved personality.

During the broadcast, Colby, visibly overcome with emotion, took his father's seat at the anchor desk and poured his heart out in a touching address to the camera.

"Hi Dad," Colby began, his voice quivering with emotion. "I wrote this under the desk in the cubicle you used to catch me sleeping, only you weren’t there to wake me up this time. Dad, I can’t believe you are gone."

In the heartfelt tribute, Colby reminisced about the everyday moments he would miss dearly, from his father's simple acts of picking him up from school to their shared adventures and debates over food. He painted a picture of a father who was not just a parent but also a best friend who filled every room with light and warmth.

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"You were the kindest soul," Colby expressed, his words heavy with sorrow. "You won't be at my wedding. I can’t believe you're gone. I love you so much."

Colby fondly recalled how his father was always there for him, whether attending Boy Scout meetings, accompanying him to physical therapy appointments, or sharing unforgettable trips to Disneyland. He spoke of the invaluable life lessons imparted during their car rides when Rubin would share his passion for his work and the joy of pursuing one's dreams.

"You are and always will be my hero," Colby declared, his voice breaking with emotion. "I never got to tell you that, and I'm so sorry, Dad."

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In a deeply personal moment, Colby shared a conversation he had with his father during a difficult period in his life, highlighting Rubin's unwavering support and encouragement.

As Colby's tribute concluded, the studio fell silent, enveloped in a profound sense of loss. Yet, amid the grief, there lingered Rubin's enduring legacy -- a legacy of love, kindness, and the profound bond between a father and his son.

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Rubin died on Friday following a heart attack. He reportedly suffered a medical emergency at his home where he went into cardiac arrest. He was rushed to UCLA West Hills and ultimately pronounced dead. KTLA anchor Frank Buckley confirmed the tragedy on the air at the start of the afternoon's broadcast with an emotional tribute.

"The Sam that you saw on the air is the Sam that was off the air," Buckley said live on the air. "To all of us he shared his mornings with on television, and to those he worked with behind the scenes at KTLA, we will not forget him."


Buckley added that Rubin's death was sudden, saying "he was here with us yesterday."

In a statement on social media, KTLA shared, "KTLA 5 is profoundly saddened to report the death of Sam Rubin. Sam was a giant in the local news industry and the entertainment world, and a fixture of Los Angeles morning television for decades. His laugh, charm and caring personality touched all who knew him. Sam was a loving husband and father: the roles he cherished the most. Our thoughts are with Sam’s family during this difficult time."



Popular tech reporter Rich DeMuro also posted on social media, saying he was "in absolute shock." He added, "Morning News in Hollywood will never be the same without you."

TMZ was first to report the tragic news.

According to his bio on KTLA's website, Rubin joined the station in 1991. He was primarily known as an entertainment journalist, earning the coveted Golden Mike Award for best entertainment reporter and multiple Emmy Awards for his entertainment news coverage. He earned top billing from the Los Angeles Press Club and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Southern California Broadcasters Association.

Over the course of his career he was also called upon to play himself or a TV reporter on several popular shows and movies, including Beverly Hills, 90210, Rizzoli & Isles, Melrose Place, Major Crimes, That's So Raven and Fantastic Four.

Rubin's reporting wasn't limited to Los Angeles. He often appeared on numerous entertainment news segments around the country and around the world. He was a regular on BBC's TV and radio segments, as well as on Triple M radio and Channel 9 in Australia. 

Rubin, also a fixture at red carpet events like the Academy Awards and Golden Globes, was born in San Diego, California, but long considered Los Angeles his home. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles and he resided in the affluent neighborhood of Brentwood.

Rubin is survived by his wife, Leslie, and four children.