Kylie Jenner Appears to Avoid Nicki Minaj on VMAs Red Carpet Amid Travis Scott Drama

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner with Nicki Minaj (inset)
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is steering clear of Nicki Minaj.

Kylie Jenner is steering clear of Nicki Minaj

A video posted by TMZ on Wednesday shows the 21-year-old reality star stopping in her tracks upon seeing the rapper on the red carpet at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday. 

Photographers and fans cheer Minaj's name outside Radio City Music Hall, as she makes her way down the carpet, while those on the other side cheer for Jenner. Things get awkward as Jenner walks toward Minaj, sees her, gives a panicked look to her assistant, then seemingly tries to make a beeline straight for the exit -- or at least out of Minaj's way. 

Minaj has repeatedly called out Jenner and Travis Scott, after his album, Astroworld, was deemed No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart following the release of Minaj's album, Queen.

On Tuesday's episode of Queen Radio on Apple Music's Beats 1, Minaj accused Scott of using Jenner's fame to promote his music, and called him out for selling merchandise and tickets for his upcoming tour with album downloads -- having those count as album sales. 

"What we're not gonna do is have that auto-tune man selling f**king sweaters telling you he sold half a million albums, because he f**king didn't," Minaj exclaimed of the 26-year-old rapper. 

She then went after Jenner, adding, "You stupid f**k. You got your f**king homeboy talking for you and you got your girlfriend selling tour passes. Stop it. Knock it the f**k off."

See more in the video below.