Kylie Jenner Gets Comforted by Daughter Stormi After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Taken Out

Stormi has been spending a lot of time with her famous mom on social media lately.

Kylie Jenner has the cutest little helper while she recovers from getting her wisdom teeth out! The 22-year-old makeup mogul took to her Instagram Story on Monday to share updates with her fans. 

"Hi, I got my wisdom teeth taken out," she captioned her view of the TV, adding, "This sucks." 

Luckily her 2-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, was by her side throughout the recovery process. 

"Are you taking care of mommy? Are you taking care of me? Have you been taking care of me?" Kylie asks her toddler as she giggles in bed while rocking a snake filter on her cheeks. 

"Yeah!" Stormi shouts excitedly. 

"You have!" Kylie agrees. 

The mother-daughter duo then walk down the stairs as Stormi shows off her impressive counting skills and Kylie shows off her cozy Louis Vuitton fur slippers. Stormi gets a little confused going from nine to 20, but the adorable little girl recovers quickly as she continues to count. 

Stormi has been featured a lot on her mom's social media recently. The little one is certainly showing her sassy side, jokingly calling her mom "Kylie" and telling her to be quiet while watching Frozen 2. Watch the clip below for more: 


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