Kylie Jenner Reveals the 'Only Reason' She Went to the 2022 Met Gala

The makeup mogul wore a design by Off-White to this year's event.

Kylie Jenner wasn't sure if she was going to go to this year's Met Gala. In a video posted to her YouTube channel, the 24-year-old makeup mogul revealed what pushed her to attend the annual event at the last minute.

"I was like, unless I can honor Virgil, and Shannon would want me to go, and I would wear Off-White, then that's the only reason I would go today, to honor him," Kylie said of the late designer, Virgil Abloh, and his wife, Shannon Abloh. Virgil, the founder of Off-White, died last year after a cancer battle. He was 41.

Shannon appeared to be all for Kylie's attendance at the gala, as the camera flashed to flowers she'd had delivered to the reality star. "You are going to be amazingly perfect tonight," the attached note from Shannon read. "He will be with you guiding you up the stairs. We all know he never missed a party."

Kylie further explained her decision to go to the event and wear a design from Virgil's label, stating, "I feel like I was supposed to go with Off-White, because Virgil and I talked about this for the last two years. I was supposed to go with him in 2020."

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

The 2020 gala was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Kylie was unable to attend the 2021 event, because her now-4-year-old daughter, Stormi, was sick.

"It feels right that for my Met comeback I'm going with Off-White," Kylie said. "It also puts off the pressure of what people think about my look, because I love it so much and it's so much more special to me that I don't care what people think."

Kylie added of her bride-style outfit, "It's very special. I've already cried a few times. I actually can't talk about it until the day's over, because I'm going to cry about it."

It's also a totally different look for Kylie, who noted, "I wanted to do something big this year. Every year I've basically worn some type of tight mermaid dress, so this year I wanted to wear something big, do something different."

Kylie previously revealed Virgil's tie to her 2022 Met Gala outfit in an Instagram post, writing, "Virgil and I were supposed to go to the Met together before it got postponed in 2020. To celebrate V tonight and his incredible legacy truly means the world to me. I’m humbled to wear this dress and honor my talented beautiful friend. We felt you tonight Virgil and love you forever ♾ & thank u to the entire @off____white team !!"

Watch the video below for more from this year's Met Gala.