Kylie Jenner Shares New Photos of Her and Travis Scott's Baby Boy

Fans may not know his new name, but they are getting a new glimpse at Kylie Jenner's infant son.

Hi, little guy!

While Kylie Jenner may not have an official new name for her infant son, she has shared a few fresh glimpses at her and Travis Scott's baby boy. More than nine months after giving birth, the makeup mogul shared a photo dump on Instagram, including snaps of herself with her son. In one photo, the 25-year-old mom of two holds the curly-haired youngster while sitting outside on the grass, her hand covering his face. In another picture, she holds him in her arms while she walks alongside her 4-year-old daughter, Stormi. In a third, he holds onto his famous mom's shoulder. 

"Highlights," she captioned the photo dump post. 

While fans have yet to see their newborn's face, they're also waiting to find out his new name. Back in March -- a month after revealing he was named Wolf -- Kylie told fans she and Travis "didn't feel like it was him." 

As she re-confirmed in the finale of The Kardashians, his name is legally still Wolf. "I'll let you guys know when I change it," she said in a confessional. She added with a wink, "Maybe I'll tell you guys in season 3."