La Toya Jackson Says Michael Told Her to 'Watch Over' Daughter Paris Before He Passed (Exclusive)

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La Toya Jackson says that her late brother Michael Jackson told her to watch over his daughter Paris before he died.

The 61-year-old singer spoke to ET's Katie Krause about her upcoming appearance on Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry. She told ET that she was nervous about the appearance beforehand, but believes that Henry did channel her brother -- and she got the answers she needed. And she hopes those answers help bring peace to the whole family -- especially to Paris.

"He's always watching over her, I believe, to make sure that she's on the right, proper path," La Toya said. "Because he used to say things before [he died]... 'Okay, if something happens to me, make sure you watch over Paris, 'cause Paris has a personality. She loves the business, but I wanna make sure she's okay.'"

La Toya said Paris, a model and actress in her own right, is "extremely talented."

"She has a heart like her father," she added. "She has a good heart, which is really, really, really great because that's hard to find... it's hard to find in today's society, in this world that we live in."

As for her appearance on the show, La Toya said that she had several questions in mind that she hoped would be answered.

"I think the major questions were basically the timeline. What took place during that particular time that led to this?" she said. "And not only me, but everyone is curious to know -- meaning my family and outsiders as well -- and that's what I wanted to know more than anything else. And how was the transition and how are things going and things of that nature."

And as for answers?

"He answered all my questions," she said. She added, "Well, his kids are going to be elated. They will love to hear, definitely. Yes, his daughter will love to hear what went on and what took place."

Jackson also gave a brief update on her brother's youngest child, Blanket, who is now 16.

"Blanket's being a... he's being a kid, just whatever you want," she said. "Just play games, enjoy - cause we like to play games, the family. We love playing games."

The season three finale of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry with Jackson airs Wednesday, May 2nd at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!.

For more on Michael Jackson's relationship with daughter Paris, watch the video below.


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