Lady Gaga Says Her Dress at Joe Biden's Inauguration Was 'Bulletproof'

Gaga sang the national anthem at this past January's Inauguration.

While Lady Gaga dazzled this past January at the Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden, singing the national anthem, the 35-year-old Mother Monster had some tricks up her sleeve. 

In a new video for British Vogue, Gaga revealed that her Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown was actually bulletproof. 

"This is one of my favorite things I've ever worn. I wore this Schiaparelli design for the Inauguration and nobody knows this, but this is a bulletproof dress," she shared. "When I saw that golden dove, I just knew that this was the right piece and I knew Schiaparelli being an Italian fashion house, it was something that I really, really wanted to do for my heritage as an Italian American woman that would be singing for president 45 to be leaving and to invite president 46 into office."

The event took place just days after the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, which heightened security concerns, though Gaga did not directly address whether that event factored into her fashion choices. 

Ahead of her performance, Gaga posted online, writing, "I pray tomorrow will be a day of peace for all Americans. A day for love, not hatred. A day for acceptance not fear. A day for dreaming of our future joy as a country. A dream that is non-violent, a dream that provides safety for our souls. Love, from the Capitol." 


She was escorted onto the Capitol steps by a Marine, and in her British Vogue video, Gaga recalled the moment. 

"I'll never forget speaking to this young man that I was with, and he was asking me if I was nervous and I said, 'Yes, but sometimes fashion can really give you wings.' Like a dove," she said.