Lady Gaga Is Moved to Tears After Tony Bennett Draws an Impressive Portrait of Her: Watch

The sketch was featured on the cover of their new album, 'Love for Sale.'

Tony Bennett is a man of many talents! The 95-year-old veteran performer is also a talented artist. While recording their new album, Love for Sale, with collaborator Lady Gaga, Bennett asked the 35-year-old GRAMMY winner if he could sketch her portrait in a new video. 

"I was thinking of doing a sketch of you," Bennett tells Gaga. 

"Really? I would love that," she replies, posing very still as Bennett carefully draws the portrait. 

When he shows her the final image, Gaga is moved to tears looking at it. 

"Tony, it's beautiful! It's so beautiful. That makes me cry!" she declares. 

Interscope Records

The portrait is later used in one of the album's images as Bennett holds it up while Gaga puts her arms around him. 

The album will be Gaga and Bennett's last together and a follow-up to their 2014 album, Cheek to Cheek. The pair recorded the album between 2018 and 2020, while Bennett was battling Alzheimer's. Though he was diagnosed in 2016, Bennett's family only publicly shared the news in February 2021.

Love For Sale, which features 10 tracks on the regular version and 12 on the deluxe one, will be the final studio recording of Bennett’s career, and is the culmination of Bennett and Gaga's 10-year recording history. 

Love For Sale was released Oct. 1.