Lala Kent Reacts to Raquel Leviss' Tearful 'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Confession

Kent joined host Andy Cohen on 'WWHL' to talk all things 'Vanderpump Rules' following the show's epic three-part reunion Wednesday.

Lala Kent is sharing her reaction to that explosive Vanderpump Rules reunion bombshell.

Kent sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Wednesday following the conclusion of the three-part reunion, where Raquel Leviss revealed the true timeline of her months-long affair with Tom Sandoval.

"I'm so confused. It's weird because she goes into a full breakdown. So do I feel -- I don't know. It's like taking a hit of acid," Kent said about Leviss' tearful confession.

As for who she thinks is more remorseful for their actions, Kent said she thinks Leviss felt worse for her part in the affair and chalked Sandoval's reunion tears to an act.

As for where the group stands, Kent said she is still in touch with everyone from the group aside from Sandoval and Leviss -- even Tom Schwartz, who she had previously cut out of her life following his friendship with her ex-fiancé, movie producer Randall Emmett.

"Just Sandoval and Raquel. I've spoken to Schwartz. He acknowledged the five-year anniversary of my dad's death, which really tugged at my heart," she revealed. "I've communicated with everybody except those two."

When it comes to the most cringe-worthy moments from the three-part reunion, Kent said it would have to be Sandoval's comment about Ariana Madix keeping her shirt on during sex.

"That made me feel sick to my stomach," Kent added.

Kent has been a staunch supporter of Madix following news that Sandoval cheated on his longtime girlfriend with Leviss, and she's made her allegiances known on the reunion stage, cutting down both Sandoval and Leviss at every turn.

She also recently responded to Sandoval's comments about the conception of her 2-year-old daughter, Ocean, whom she shares with Emmett. Vanderpump Rules fans noted that Sandoval accused Kent of getting pregnant because their former co-star, Stassi Schroeder, was pregnant.

"You pulled your IUD the day you found Stassi was pregnant," Sandoval said during the reunion -- a comment Kent initially missed during the taping.

"Tonight is the second time that I have seen Sandoval diminish the conception of my beautiful, magical daughter. I'm disgusted," she said following the airing of part two last Wednesday. "It makes me sit here and question who the f**k raised you and how they must be sitting there going, 'Do we really gotta claim this f**king guy? Really?'"

"I'm so glad that I didn't hear that at the reunion, because I tell you what, these mama bear paws woulda mauled the f**k out of him," Kent said. "Sandoval, you better watch your f**king tongue. When you talk about me, you keep my daughter out of your mouth. That's where I f**king draw the line. You can come for me all day long. You leave her out of this."

Kent also alluded to her messy split from Emmett, adding, "That baby was brought into this world out of love, respect. My relationship may have gone to s**t, but that little girl is the best thing that ever f**king happened to me. How dare you."

She addressed the comment again on WHHL, telling Cohen, "I'm happy I didn't hear it in the moment because I'm not a physical person, but I think I would've seen -- all my mamas know, seen rage -- don't come for my kid."

Kent continued, "I just thought it was gross, and at that point in time, Britney was trying, Stassi was then pregnant, and I was in, what I thought was a happy, healthy relationship. That's what grownups do, they have conversations about starting families, and I started one. And his comment was just... so rude."

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